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I call it the Sunday Slay.

That’s my name for the hour that I spend each Sunday meticulously planning the week ahead and it’s one of the ways I manage to juggle a full-time teaching schedule with writing for several publications, running See Jane Write, exercising, and trying to have a social life.

Here’s how you too can use Sunday to can set yourself up to slay the week ahead. 

First, I write out all I have to do and want to do in all areas life for the upcoming week. For example, with my teaching gig I have several things I want to get graded this week so I don’t have to spend my entire Thanksgiving break grading papers as I have the past two years. For See Jane Write, I have to meet with coaching clients, blog and post to social media daily, write and schedule newsletters, attend a couple of networking events, promote the upcoming See Jane Write x SOL Dance Experience event, and begin preparing for my upcoming fall membership launch. I want to exercise every day this week and next weekend I’m going to a brunch crawl with my cousin and a themed birthday party and the movies with hubs.

Next, I break out my Day Designer* and assign each task to a day of the week. That’s what I love about the to-do list feature of the Day Designer. I can write down everything I need to do each day and then I can plan when I will do each task, which is part 3 of the Sunday Slay.

Thirdly, I schedule when I will do each of Monday’s tasks using the daily planning pages of the Day Designer. Monday night I will schedule when I will do each of Tuesday’s tasks and so on.

Even when my to-do list for the week is as massive as mine is for the next 7 days, I can start my week with confidence when I have a plan in hand.

How do you plan your week? 

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4 Comments on How I Plan My Week

  1. Lynelle
    November 12, 2017 at 6:06 pm (3 months ago)

    I like the Sunday Slay. I find it hard to stay motivated. I guess I am a procrastinator. Any suggestions?

    • javacia
      November 13, 2017 at 4:34 am (3 months ago)

      Staying focused on my “Why” usually keeps me motivated.

  2. Karin
    November 13, 2017 at 2:46 am (3 months ago)

    wow Javaica this is so helpful – I usually feel a bit low on Sundays and start some sort of plan on Mondays (as I’m very a much non-planner its nothing like as thorough as yours but then I’m only recently starting to realise the benefits of planning) but this will be worth a good try! Thankyou

    • javacia
      November 13, 2017 at 4:35 am (3 months ago)

      Glad I could help. Once you start planning more, let me know how it goes.


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