For the Teaching Writer — Heavy on the Writer

Editor’s Note: See Jane Write now publishes articles and personal essays by writers who identify as women, non-binary folks, and our allies. Learn more here.

By Jelisa Jay Robinson

Dear Teacher Writer, 

I see you. Finishing manuscripts on holidays and summers.  Attending See Jane Write meetings on Tuesdays. I see you finishing your grading so that you can steal a moment to work on your screenplay.  You are the teacher that incorporates writing into your lessons.  Letting kids know that writing isn’t a bore; it’s a major source of creativity, joy and a skill set that can make you money in the future.  You are the Teacher Writer…Heavy on the writer. 

You’ve been told that those who can’t do, teach.  But you know that’s not true; those who teach…do…and they do it well.  


Journaling helped me slay imposter syndrome in disguise

Editor’s Note: See Jane Write now publishes personal essays by writers who identify as women, non-binary folks, and our allies. Learn more here.

By Sherilyn Anderson

I’ve dreamed and often fantasized about being a writer for more than half of my 55 years. Life-threatening uterine cancer pushed me to pursue writing seriously because falling back on my previous profession, a high school English teacher, to support myself is no longer an option. I believe that sometimes God puts us in situations where we don’t have a choice but to make moves in life that we don’t dare to do on our own. 

I started working with a writing coach and I started journaling to help build a writing routine. Because of journaling, I’m writing more and I’m getting faster. Even though I’m developing a groove and routine, it still feels like a piece is missing from my writing puzzle. When I couldn’t determine what it was, I asked my writing coach when will I feel comfortable calling myself a writer.  She told me that I am a writer because I write, but she couldn’t answer that question for me.  I am grateful she didn’t have an answer because it provided an opportunity for me to slay a sneaky dragon.


Affirmations for Writers Who Don’t Like Affirmations

I love composing affirmations for writers. In fact, you can get affirmations from me sent to you via text every Monday morning by texting the word AFFIRM to 205-892-9501.

A dear friend of mine once told me she hated affirmations, and she said reciting them felt like she was lying to herself.

I understood exactly what she meant.


10 Ways to Never Run Out of Ideas

I always encourage the women of the See Jane Write community to write down 10 ideas every day.

In the foreword to the book Become an Idea Machine, James Altucher says this is one of the best ways to boost your creativity. By brainstorming ideas daily you’re exercising your creativity muscles. 

Here are 10 things you can do to keep your muse moving.