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Currently: Black History Month Edition

“Let Black women be unapologetic. Expressive. Brave. Soft.” This shirt, created by a Black designer, is available at Target as part of this year’s Black History Month Collection.

It’s time for another edition of Currently!

With this feature, I share with you what I’m currently into hoping that you’ll find something that inspires you too. Since it’s February, I want to do a special Black History Month edition.  

So let’s review what I’m currently watching, reading, writing, planning and loving.


Why I’m Obsessed with Beyoncé

By the time you read this, I probably will have already seen Renaissance: A Film by Beyoncé twice. For real. And yes, I went to the actual concert too, but I knew this movie would be much more than recordings of the show.

In short, Renaissance the movie feels magical, yet as the behind-the-scenes looks show us how the magic is made, you suddenly feel as if you’re capable of magic too.

And that right there is exactly why I’m so obsessed with Beyoncé. Honestly, I think that’s what makes her so magnetic to most of us certified members of the Beyhive.


Why Beyoncé’s New Album Renaissance Should Be Your Late Summer Soundtrack

Beyoncé’s new album Renaissance, the star’s highly anticipated seventh studio release, will not only make you dance but might pull you out of your blogging rut too. That’s exactly what it did for me. So, you can trust that these 16 tracks will be singing through my AirPods for the rest of the summer – and beyond. I want to share why I think this album should be the soundtrack to your summer renaissance, too.



Inspiration is everywhere. Through the years I’ve learned that some of the things that we see as distractions from the creative process can actually be the fuel we need for our next for blog post, article, or essay or even our first or next book.

That’s why I love sharing with you what I’m currently watching, writing, reading, listening to, loving, feeling, and planning. Here’s the latest edition of Currently!



During the Fourth of July weekend, my husband and I went to the movies THREE TIMES. We saw the new Spider-Man movie, Midsommar, and The Last Black Man in San Francisco. We also watched the entire third season of Stranger Things.

By Sunday I felt guilty about all that screen time and was beating myself up for not using the weekend to do more reading and writing. But when I got a last-minute freelance assignment that Monday the piece I wrote for the assignment was an essay inspired by one of the movies I’d watched over the weekend. Thanks to the inspiration from that film the words flowed from my fingers effortlessly.

I remembered that this is exactly why I love when other writers share the things they’re currently into and why I occasionally do the same on this blog. Pop culture can be a cornucopia of creative inspiration.

So it’s time for another edition of Currently, a feature for which I share what I’m currently watching, reading, listening to, writing, feeling, planning, and loving.