The Best Planner for Writers

The best planner for writers is any planner that will help you achieve your writing goals. I always say the magic is in the planning, not the planner. And honestly, the planning is just half the battle. You must follow through to see any progress. But I’m a huge fan of the Day Designer planner because if you put it to use, it can help you not only make time to write but also design a life worth writing about.


The Planner That Helps Me Win at the Freelance Life

Before I became a full-time freelance writer, I juggled being a high school English teacher with regularly writing stories for half a dozen different publications.

Now that I freelance full time, my schedule can be just as busy as I’m doing freelance journalism for publications, freelance content writing for businesses and non-profits and working to grow the See Jane Write brand and community.

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So, how do I keep track of everything? How do I make sure I’m meeting my deadlines, growing my personal brand, and still making time for self-care and hanging out with hubs? Two words — Day Designer!

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How I Plan My Day


I have a confession.

I am addicted to planners.

I am currently using two different planners and contemplating buying a third. I use my Day Designer planner for my daily to-do lists and monthly overviews. I use my agenda for planning my blog posts. And now that I’m working with my business coach on my 5-year vision I’m probably going to soon buy a Kate Spade agenda for keeping track of my progress on my weekly, monthly, and 90-day goals.

I have a problem.