Month: May 2020

The things that cannot be torn away

“Adversity is like a strong wind. I don’t mean just that it holds us back from places we might otherwise go. It also tears away from us all but the things that cannot be torn, so that afterward we see ourselves as we really are, and not merely as we might like to be.”   ― Arthur Golden

This quote found its way to me through an email newsletter from writer GG Renee.

I read it over and over again for nearly 20 minutes.

The metaphor struck me.


3 Things You Should Know About Hybrid Publishing

When it comes book publishing, we often think we only have two options – work for years and years to land a literary agent and a book deal with a traditional publisher or strike out on our own and try our hand at self-publishing. But there is another way to get your work into the world and that’s through hybrid publishing.


Lessons Learned from My First Year as a Full-Time Freelancer

One year ago, I did the unthinkable.

I left a job I absolutely loved to take a leap into the unknown. One year ago, I began my journey as a full-time freelance writer.

May 24, 2019 was my last day as an English teacher at the Alabama School of Fine Arts. So, today marks my one-year anniversary as a full-time writerpreneur.

Here’s what I’ve learned along the way.


Writing for Wellness

Many health care professionals, from medical doctors to psychotherapists, recommend writing as a way for patients to heal ailments of both mind and body. So, when I learned that See Jane Write Collective member Dr. Millie Jackson led “Writing for Wellness” workshops I was eager for her to host one for the Janes.