With so many blogs out there, how can you make yours stand above the rest?
There are at least three female bloggers in Birmingham who seem to have found the answer.  
Jennifer West launched her blog, The Jen West Quest, on March 30, 2010 and, believe it or not, she’s posted something every day since. Because of her blog West has had a chance to work with Health magazine and has even appeared on The Rachael Ray Show.
Laura Kate Whitney started to make a name for herself in Birmingham just a few months after arriving in the city thanks to her blog, Magic City Manifesto.  Whitney’s mission is to find the magic in the Magic City and celebrate the hidden gems of Birmingham. Her blog has led to opportunities for her to work with B-Metro Magazine and got the attention of skirt! magazine.
Rachel Callahan started building an audience for her writing at her blog Grasping for Objectivity, but she didn’t stop there. Callahan is also the woman behind Alabama Bloggers, which she started to help bloggers network and share ideas both through the website and monthly social events.
If you have a blog or you’re considering starting one, you’re probably thinking it would be great to pick the brains of bloggers like West, Whitney, and Callahan. Well, you can do exactly that at the next See Jane Write event, So You Think You Can Blog, which will be held 6 to 8 p.m. on Thursday, July 28 in the auditorium of the Homewood Public Library, 1721 Oxmoor Road.  
This free event will include a panel discussion featuring West, Whitney, and Callahan. This discussion is all about helping you figure out how to capture an audience and keep them hooked.
We want to know how we can help you. What questions about blogging do you have for our panel? Leave them in the comments section or email them to me at javacia@georgiamae.com.
So You Think You Can Blog will also give you the opportunity to network with other local female bloggers, including our special guests Keisa Sharpe of The Natural Hair Diva and Trish and Angie of Birmingham Mommy. These three women have all taken a passion and from it created a blog and from that created a business.
To register for So You Think You Can Blog visit http://soyouthinkyoucanblog.eventbrite.com.