Unlock your Age of Pleasure with journaling

The Age of Pleasure is here!

Most people know that I’m absolutely obsessed with Beyonce because I’m always talking about her out in these Internet streets. But my IRL friends know that I’m also a huge fan of Janelle Monae and that’s why I’m so excited about her new album The Age of Pleasure which was released today. And when she announced her North American tour and I saw that she was coming to Birmingham I snagged my tickets before they were even officially on sale. (Yup, I got that Fan Presale hook-up.)


Journaling helped me slay imposter syndrome in disguise

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By Sherilyn Anderson

I’ve dreamed and often fantasized about being a writer for more than half of my 55 years. Life-threatening uterine cancer pushed me to pursue writing seriously because falling back on my previous profession, a high school English teacher, to support myself is no longer an option. I believe that sometimes God puts us in situations where we don’t have a choice but to make moves in life that we don’t dare to do on our own. 

I started working with a writing coach and I started journaling to help build a writing routine. Because of journaling, I’m writing more and I’m getting faster. Even though I’m developing a groove and routine, it still feels like a piece is missing from my writing puzzle. When I couldn’t determine what it was, I asked my writing coach when will I feel comfortable calling myself a writer.  She told me that I am a writer because I write, but she couldn’t answer that question for me.  I am grateful she didn’t have an answer because it provided an opportunity for me to slay a sneaky dragon.


February Journal Prompts: 28 Writing Ideas to Spark Self-Love

Today we’re giving you some February journal prompts to keep you writing all month long. But I hope these prompts do even more than that.

February is my favorite month. It’s my birthday month. It’s Black History Month. And it’s love month! And for me, part of celebrating love month is celebrating self-love. That’s what I hope these February journal prompts will spark for you.