How Inspired Vacay 2019 Turned Me Into the Dreamer I’d Always Claimed to Be

I’ve always called myself a dreamer. I guess you could say it runs in my family. My brother, who’s a music producer, is quite the dreamer, too. We even have our own hashtag — #PowerToTheDreamers.

But I recently realized I wasn’t quite the dreamer I’ve always claimed to be.

September 8-10, 2019 I had the opportunity to attend Inspired Vacay, a retreat hosted by and for the members of the Female Entrepreneur Association. This year’s Inspired Vacay was held in Palm Springs, California, and those three days changed my life.


So You Think You Can Coach?

I never set out to be a success coach for women who write and blog. I didn’t even know this was a thing. But after more people started to learn about See Jane Write — the blog and the membership community — many of these people started to ask me for one-on-one help with launching their blogs, writing their books, or starting their freelance writing careers.


How to Catch Your Writerpreneur Dreams

Natalie McMyler, founder of Dream Catchers South // Photo Credit: Anna Conn Photography

I am a writer but I also proudly call myself a “writerpreneur,” a woman who wants to use her writing to make an impact and an income. So in addition to reading and working on the craft of writing, I also learn all I can from business-minded people. This is why I attend events like the Dream Catchers South conference, a one-day seminar for female entrepreneurs hosted in Birmingham each spring. Natalie McMyler, the founder of Dream Catchers South, is the owner of the clothing company 11th Thread, which she launched in 2014 because she wanted to be able to stay home with her son and pursue her passion of owning her own business.


Is your blog GDPR ready?

A few weeks ago I set aside a couple hours to work on getting the See Jane Write website ready for the General Data Protection Regulation (or GDPR) set to go into effect May 25. I figured it would take me about an hour to read up on GDPR and figure out exactly what it is and another hour to make whatever changes were necessary.

Three hours later I found myself in tears, drowning in legal information I didn’t understand and declaring that I was going to shut down See Jane Write LLC so I wouldn’t have to deal with this mess!

So if you’ve been wondering exactly what GDPR is and how it affects you I’m going to try to explain but first a quick disclaimer: I AM NOT A LAWYER and this is not legal advice. I’m just going to share some of what I’ve learned and point you toward some resources that might help you.


My Journey from Lady Blogger to Boss Lady

I sometimes call myself an accidental entrepreneur, even though a part of me has always wanted to own my own business. In fact, as a kid, I started a “boutique” in my bedroom and tried to convince family members and friends to buy purses and costume jewelry I no longer wanted.

Nonetheless, it would be a blog, not a boutique, that would be the start of my first real business.