Good People Vote: Election Day Journal Prompts

When you think of Election Day journal prompts, you may only think of writing exercises for kids.

But a chat with Tyra Robinson of Good People Vote helped me realize that adults should do some journaling in preparation for Election Day too.

Good People Vote is a Birmingham-based organization dedicated to celebrating active voters and providing relevant information on every aspect of electoral processes, both locally and nationally. Their goal is to spark conversations and self-reflection to encourage communities to take ownership of the civic process.

Read on to learn more about Good People Vote and for Election Day journal prompts for kids and adults.


For Birmingham

Photo by Bill Blevins via Flickr Creative Commons

On June 1, I published a post titled “Dear Birmingham” in response to black-owned businesses being damaged and reporters being assaulted in the unrest of May 31 and June 1. In the post, I declared that rioting is wrong and discussed the importance of peaceful protests and strategic political action.

The next day I decided to remove this post.