See Jane Write Instagram Challenge

If you know me well, you know I love Instagram! And I want you to love it, too. That’s why I’m hosting the See Jane Write Instagram Challenge.

The Challenge

Can you post to your IG grid every day for 30 days in September? If so, you could win a free one-hour one-on-one coaching session with me to discuss writing, blogging, personal brand building, or whatever else you’d like to pick my brain about.

Why I Love Instagram

Honestly, I mostly love Instagram because it’s fun. It’s my digital happy place. But Instagram loves me back. Even though I don’t have tons of followers, I’ve landed several writing gigs through IG. I’ve also connected with other writers I might not have met otherwise, and many of them have become coaching clients or have joined my paid membership group.

Why You Should Love Instagram (and Participate in the Challenge)

Just as Instagram has helped me make new friends and make more money, I believe it can help you do the same — but only if you’re consistent. The See Jane Write Instagram Challenge will help you get in gear on the Gram. If you can post every day for 30 days you will then know you can certainly stick to posting 3 or 5 times a week moving forward.

Consistently posting and interacting with other people’s posts will also help you grow your community. So, if you’re looking to increase your followers, this challenge can help. When I’m crazy consistent, I gain about 100 new followers per week.

How to Participate in the Instagram Challenge

To participate in the challenge and qualify to win, simply post to your IG grid every day in September and use the hashtag #seejanewrite. You’ll also need to follow me on Instagram @seeejavaciawrite.

I will select and announce the winner on October 1. The winner will be chosen based on both consistency (Did you post every day?) and quality of content (Do your posts educate, entertain, engage, or empower?). I will also be looking for cohesiveness. Do your posts tell your story in a cohesive way? Does your feed have a cohesive look?

Join the See Jane Write Network Facebook Group

You can increase your chances of winning by joining my Facebook group. Each day in September I will be posting Instagram ideas, insights, tips, and tricks to help you with your content.

On Sunday, August 30 at 6 pm CT I will be going live in the group to share my top 10 Instagram tips.

Click here to request to join the group so you can watch live or catch the replay.

Let’s do this!