How to Shop Like a Fashion Blogger

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In my next writing life I want to be a fashion blogger. I love reading about fashion. I love thinking about fashion. I love planning outfits for special occasions and everyday looks.

There’s only one problem — I hate to shop. And this weekend I’m attempting to revamp my wardrobe as I prepare to return to the classroom for the 2016-2017 school year and try to upgrade my look as I prepare to take my personal brand and business to the next level.

To get my mind right for this adventure, last week I watched a webinar by fashion blogger Jeniese Hosey of The Jenesaisquoi and style coach Megan LaRussa Chenoweth. The webinar was meant to teach us attendees “How to Know Where to Shop and What to Buy…Without Breaking the Bank.”

I knew it would be helpful. Jeniese is one of my favorite fashion bloggers and two years ago I was a student in Megan’s virtual style coaching program, Style Yourself Chic, a program that helped me improve my look in a way that gave me the confidence to turn my blog into a business. Now it’s time to turn that business into an empire! And I want to look good while I do so.


Member of the Month: Jeniese Hosey


Jeniese Hosey of the fashion blog The Jenesaisquoi is having a moment — her moment, her time to shine.

The past several months have been quite eventful for her. Last fall she was featured on the cover of Redbook magazine as one of the winners of the publication’s Real Women Style Awards. She’s been featured on and in People’s StyleWatch. She landed a brand campaign with Catherines, which included a fun, fashion-filled trip to New Orleans. And she was even recently featured on a billboard for Macy’s in Times Square in New York City!

Jeniese is indeed a perfect example of what being a boss lady blogger is all about and that’s why she’s the See Jane Write member of the month for May.


How to Dress Like a Fashion Blogger

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In my next writing life, I want to be a fashion blogger.

As the founder of See Jane Write, I’m around fashion bloggers often and oh, how I admire my chic and stylish blogging cohorts. One thing they’ve taught me, however, is that you can dress like a fashion blogger even if you’re not one. It all starts with a mindset shift. For my latest piece for StyleBlueprint Birmingham I had a talk with five of Birmingham’s top style bloggers about the best advice they’d offer aspiring fashionistas. Read the wardrobe wisdom from Jeniese Hosey of The Jenesaisquoi, Alexis Barton of Same Chic Different Day, Bertha Hidalgo of Chic in Academia, Rachel Tindall of To Hell in a Handbag, and Christina Renteria of PinkLux

Member of the Month: Christina Renteria

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Fashion and beauty blogger Christina Renteria hasn’t been a member of See Jane Write long, but I believe she deserves to be the Member of the Month for August for one simple reason: This girl has gumption!

I met Christina at a party hosted by Birmingham Bloggers. She told me about her blog PinkLuxpl. We started talking about her goals and aspirations for her blog and I could see a fire in her eyes and hear passion in her voice. I knew this young woman was about business!

I gave her tips on how to land an appearance on ABC 33/40’s Talk of Alabama. A few weeks later she emailed me to tell me she’d been booked for a segment. This is just one of many examples I could give that show Christina is the kind of woman who goes after what she wants. I hope that learning more about her will encourage all the ladies of See Jane Write to do the same.

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What’s your blog’s focus and mission and how do you hope to see it grow in the future? 

PinkLuxpl is a not only a beauty and fashion blog but a community where all women can learn and get inspired. The focus and mission of PinkLuxpl consist of helping women gain confidence to be their true beautiful and stylish self. I strive to inspire women to step out of their comfort zone whether it’s trying a new lipstick color or trying the color blocking trend. I hope to see PinkLuxpl in the future not only become the “IT” blog for beauty and fashion but also a business.

Can you give us five tips on how to dress like a fashion blogger even if we’re not one? 

  1. Find your style.
  2. Make sure you are wearing the correct size. Seeing a size7 may feel better than a size 9 but not being able to breathe is not a great feeling.
  3. Break the rules. Wear multiple colors, prints, and have fun.
  4. Always accessorize. A black t-shirt and jeans looks 10 times better with a statement necklace.
  5. Always be confident in your clothes!

You recently hosted your first Twitter chat. How did it go and how did you get the idea to try this? 

It was amazing! It was so great to chat with my supporters. The idea of having twitter chat started because I wanted to interact with my readers. However, I had no clue it was called a “twitter chat.” The same day the idea popped in my head I received an email alert that a fellow blogger had a blog post discussing how to host a twitter chat.

I advise all bloggers to host a twitter chat. It is a smart thing for bloggers to try because it helps you to determine your ideal reader, build your community and read the view points of your supporters. Choose a topic you love, set a time and date, post about it on social media. Treat it as a girls night in!

What have you enjoyed most about being a part of See Jane Write? What has been most helpful to you as a blogger?

I have enjoyed attending the educational seminars, events, and constant motivation to be not only a blogger but a business woman. When I get an email from See Jane Write I have a celebratory scream because I know it will be filled with motivation and a new lesson. The educational events and Q&A posts in the Facebook group have been the most helpful to be as a blogger.


In addition to fashion, you focus a lot on confidence. Where do you get your confidence and what advice would you give to women struggling in this area?

I love to discuss confidence with women of all ages because I never want them to go through life feeling like they can’t — can’t wear a bathing suit, can’t go after that job title, can’t be on TV.

I gained all of my confidence from being bullied. I know you are probably wondering how. I went through a deep depression after graduating high school because I was terribly bullied. I was called words no one should ever hear on a daily basis. I turned that negative life experience into a positive and was determined to help girls and women always feel confident.

My advice to women struggling with confidence: stop listening to those criticizing you, step out on faith, and complete a goal. I stopped letting those hurtful words determine my worth and my destiny. I stepped out on faith and completed a goal when I started PinkLuxpl and by doing so I found my passion.


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