Last night I had a special planning session with the members of the See Jane Write Collective. I wanted their input on my ideas for content and events for 2023. By the end of the meeting, I was so excited about the new year I was wishing it was already December 31.

In case you missed the announcement I sent via email, you can now sign up for an annual See Jane Write Collective membership for $297, which means you’ll get one month free. (You can also still opt to join at $27 per month and cancel anytime.) Enrollment is open now and closes on December 19.

I decided to offer an annual membership because my plan is to take members on a journey in 2023.

Through the members-only resource library, workshops, and other events, together we will walk through the See Jane Write Success Path:

Step 1 – Get Focused: You can do anything but not everything — at least not all at once. We will help you choose which writing goal to focus on first.

Step 2 – Get Serious: Once you have a goal in mind, next you need to make time to actually work on it. So we’re going to help you develop a writing routine. Getting serious about writing also means making time to study your craft. So we will have workshops for fiction, poetry, non-fiction, and freelance journalism.

Step 3 – Get Noticed: Our resources and 2023 workshops and events will help you build your writer platform and social media presence as well as hone your networking skills.

Step 4 – Get Paid: See Jane Write will show you how you can use your writing to make a difference and make money! In 2023, I’m going to help members craft their own writerpreneur business plan.

As great as all those resources sound, I know that at the end of the day what See Jane Write members want most is community. That’s why we have weekly check-in/write-in sessions and monthly critique sessions. In 2023, we will also have accountability groups so you can get even more support and get to know fellow members even better.

We will host more in-person events in 2023 too. Some events I have in mind include a meditation and journaling workshop, a reading/open mic event, networking events, and more.

If you’re ready to join the crew, sign up for the See Jane Write Collective TODAY!