For over a year now I’ve been setting a goal every month to post a new Instagram Reel every day. And every month I fail.

I usually start strong but by day four or so I slip and then I don’t post another Reel for a month!

We all know that consistency is key when it comes to nearly anything in life. So if I can’t consistently post daily Reels I need to figure out what I can do and stick with that.

So here’s my new Instagram plan.

Each week I will post the following:

  • 2 Reels
  • 2 Carousels
  • 1 IG Live

My goal for all of my content will be to connect, teach or inspire.

Additionally, I will add something to my Instagram Story every day. (This is a daily Instagram task I know I can actually do.)

It’s also important to remember the social in social media. So each day I will also spend 15 minutes networking with others by liking and commenting on people’s posts and finding new people to follow.

I’m starting this new plan this week in hopes that by 2023 it will be a habit or even second nature.

Be sure to follow me @seejavaciawrite to see how this plan goes!

What’s your Instagram strategy?