Month: November 2022

My New Instagram Plan

For over a year now I’ve been setting a goal every month to post a new Instagram Reel every day. And every month I fail.

I usually start strong but by day four or so I slip and then I don’t post another Reel for a month!

We all know that consistency is key when it comes to nearly anything in life. So if I can’t consistently post daily Reels I need to figure out what I can do and stick with that.

So here’s my new Instagram plan.


23 Questions for 2023

A new year is almost here and while I plan to spend much of these final weeks of 2022 relaxing and hanging out with friends and family. But the goal digger in me is also plotting plans for 2023. 

Near the end of the year, I always take time to ask myself a series of questions to help me set goals for the year to come. 

If you need help setting your goals for 2023, be sure to join me for Write the Vision: 2023 #GoalDigger Workshop. The workshop is set for Sunday, December 18 from 4 to 6 p.m. CT. And it’s FREE!

Here are 23 questions I’m journaling about in preparation for 2023.