Making a list of 10 things I love is one of my favorite journaling exercises. It’s a great way to boost your mood and inspire an attitude of gratitude. 

In past years, I regularly posted lists of 30 things I love. And I’m not the only fan of love lists. A Beautiful Mess features 10 Things I Love Sunday each week. And Janine Defontaine makes a list of 99 things she loves as an annual self-reflection activity. 

So let’s take a look at 10 things I love right now.

What are 10 things you love about your life? 

Being a full-time freelance writer. 

As a freelancer, I get to write for a living — on my own terms. Which means I only work on stories I actually want to write. I also get to set my own schedule. So, my mornings are slow, and if I want to take a day off in the middle of the week I can, as long as I’m on top of my assignments. I know many people are afraid of going full-time freelance because there’s no job security. But, to be honest, job security is a bit of an illusion no matter what you do. And that’s why it’s important to diversify your income. Not only do I write for various media outlets, but I also write blog posts and other content for businesses, organizations, and public figures. So my weeks are never boring – another thing I love about the freelance life. 

I also enjoy teaching others how to freelance. My Full-Time Freelance mastermind is probably my favorite thing I’m doing right now. I plan to offer the mastermind again in spring 2023, but you don’t have to wait until then to learn about freelancing. My digital course See Jane Freelance is available and now through November 28, you can get half off with the code BLKFRI. 


Yes, you read that right. I love homemaking. If you’ve known me for a long time you’re probably wondering if someone hacked into my blog to write this. In the past, I hated cooking, thought decorating for the seasons was a waste of time, and would always rather be in these streets than on the couch. But cancer and COVID changed everything. The pandemic showed me that we all need to focus on creating a home that we never want to leave. And cancer taught me that it’s OK to slow down, take a step back from work, and just enjoy life’s little things. 

So I decorate for fall, summer, and spring. (I still leave Christmas decorations to my husband since it’s his favorite holiday and I would be happy just to skip to New Year’s Eve.) Thanks to Hello Fresh, I prepare Pinterest-worthy dinners four nights a week. I bake Halloween cookies and have scary movie marathons with my husband. Instead of going out for Valentine’s Day, we have Instagrammable indoor picnics on our living room floor.  I still like a nice night on the town and brunch with my girlfriends, but my home is queendom.  


As much as I’ve grown to love building a home, I’m still a girl on the go. I was out of town 15 of the 30 days of September and I loved it. I always learn something about myself when I travel, I feel more like myself when I’m out of town, and I feel free to dream in ways I can’t when I’m home. 

Radical self-love.

I have recently entered into a season of radical self-love. Like any type of love, it’s hard to put into words. But I do hope to write about this more. In the meantime, I can share that this season was sparked by radical self-care. GG Renee Hill, author of the Self-Care Check-In, once said to me, “Self-care is self-love in action.” So if you’re hoping to spark your own season of self-love, start there. 

My hair.

Every Black woman has a hair story and mine has been one of many acts. Two years I didn’t have any hair thanks to chemotherapy. These days I’m creating hair flip Reels on Instagram to show off that my hair looks great straight or when rocking my signature curls. 

My Facebook group.

If you’re not a part of my free Facebook group for women writers, the See Jane Write Network, you are missing out! Along with questions of the day to help you get to know your fellow writers, you’ll also find tips, words of encouragement, publishing and educational opportunities, and a few funny things to lift your spirits. Come join the fun! 

See Jane Write Collective critique sessions.

See Jane Write offers A LOT for women who write. That free Facebook group just scratches the surface. We also have a paid membership program called the See Jane Write Collective. Through that, you get access to a resource library, write-in sessions, group coaching, and exclusive workshops. You can also participate in our monthly critique session to get feedback on your work. These are my fave and have me feeling all the feels. During any given session, you can be sure to cry, laugh, and feel inspired. Learn more about the Collective here


Well, I wrote a whole book about how I can write my way through anything. So, obviously, I believe in the power of journaling. That’s also why I teamed up with Charlene Lindsay of Shine Gifts Co. to create journal gift boxes like this and this. We’re planning to create more boxes in 2023 and host events too!

Brain dumps.

If you want to get into journaling but you’re not sure how to get started, stop overcomplicating things. Your journal routine can start with a simple daily brain dump of ideas, thoughts, and dreams. 

Planning for 2023.

I’ve been doing lots of brain dumps lately to help me set goals and make plans for next year. I want to do ALL THE THINGS. But I know I need to laser focus on one thing at a time to be successful. I’m hoping these braindumps will help me figure out how to do that! 

What are 10 things you love right now?