If you know me well, you know I love choosing a word for the year. And I’ve gotten many members of the See Jane Write community in the practice of doing the same. One of my coaching clients has already picked her word for 2021. She chose UNDAUNTED.

That’s such a fantastic word. It’s both beautiful and powerful. Even though I chose my word for 2021 months ago (I’ll share it with you next month), I’ve been thinking a lot about how to embody and embrace the idea of being undaunted, too.

Unafraid is one synonym for undaunted. But the truth is I am very much afraid. In fact, I must admit that for the first time in my life I’m having a hard time setting goals for the new year.

I’m not afraid of failure. But because of cancer and COVID, I’m afraid of not even getting the chance to try.

I’m afraid that the cancer will come back and the pandemic will get worse and all my dreams will turn to dust.

My word for 2020 has been growth. And I’ve learned this year that when you pray for growth you must prepare for pruning. This year has taken so much from me. But I recognize and I am grateful for the fact that I’ve also gained so much and learned so much along the way.

Merriam-Webster defines undaunted as “courageously resolute especially in the face of danger or difficulty;  not discouraged.”

I’ve always believed that courage isn’t about being fearless. To be courageous is to feel the fear and do it anyway.

To be undaunted in 2021 I don’t have to be unafraid. I just have to persist in spite of the fear. So, I will set my goals, I will make my plans and I will do what I can with the time and the space that I have.