Each year in November I challenge myself and my fellow bloggers to publish a new blog post every day for 30 days. I call this challenge #BlogLikeCrazy.

This challenge started in 2012 on my personal blog WriteousBabe.com and was something I was just doing for myself. You see, November is also National Novel Writing Month. But I’m not a fiction writer. So, I created #BlogLikeCrazy to give myself a challenge to do while many of my other writing buddies were busy working on their manuscripts.

But then the women of the See Jane Write community found out about #BlogLikeCrazy and wanted to join the fun and so it became a challenge not just for myself but for anyone who wanted to give it a try.

Should I #bloglikecrazy this year?

I have plenty of reasons NOT to blog like crazy this year. November will be a busy month for me as I juggle several freelance writing assignments and I’m planning to relaunch my freelance writing course. And, you know, there is that whole cancer thing I’m dealing with. I’m currently doing radiation treatments every weekday and this will continue through November.

But so many good things happen when I blog like crazy. The process of brainstorming so many post ideas boosts my creativity. Blogging daily helps me sharpen my writing skills. And my pageviews nearly double.

Good things have happened to members of the See Jane Write community, too, because of #BlogLikeCrazy. Jessica Furniss of Spiffy Eats has shared that #BlogLikeCrazy helped her land her first magazine spread. And several members have used #BlogLikeCrazy to blog the first draft of a book!

But honestly, I just love the #BlogLikeCrazy challenge because it’s fun!

In November, I simply blog for the love of blogging and I love the energy and enthusiasm of the See Jane Write Facebook community during #BlogLikeCrazy season. Whenever I start to feel burnt out with blogging it’s the #BlogLikeCrazy challenge that helps me rediscover the joy of blogging.

So, I invite you to join me for another year of #BlogLikeCrazy. You don’t have to be a member of the See Jane Write Collective (although I do recommend you at least join our free Facebook group so you’ll have folks cheering you on). To participate all you need is a blog.

If you succeed in blogging every day for 30 days (each blog post needs to be at least 300 words), I will give you a shoutout on the See Jane Write blog and on social media.


One See Jane Write Collective member who successfully completes the #BlogLikeCrazy challenge will receive a cash prize of $500!!! (If you’re not a member, here’s how you can join.)

So, if you plan to blog like crazy with me this year, let me know in the comments and be sure to leave a link to your blog.

Blogging Ain’t Dead

With the popularity of podcasts and YouTube, you may be wondering if blogging is dead. The short answer is NO! People still turn to blogs for in-depth content. Blogging isn’t dead; it has just changed – A LOT.

And while I do miss the good old days of blogging sometimes, I’m excited to see how influencer and affiliate marketing helps women earn lucrative incomes from their blogs. Blogging has helped me land paid freelance writing gigs and paid speaking gigs, and blogging has helped me build a coaching and consulting business, too.

Blogging isn’t dead, but you have to be an intentional content creator to keep your blog alive. And I believe the #BlogLikeCrazy challenge can help you do that.

How to Make the Most of #BlogLikeCrazy

If you want to do the challenge, start planning now. Brainstorm blog post ideas and try to schedule when you will work on your posts.

Choosing a theme for your content helps. Next, consider the categories of your blog and brainstorm ideas for each category related to your theme. If you need help getting started, check out these 365 blog post ideas.

Don’t just hit publish on your posts and forget about them. PROMOTE YOUR POSTS! Check out this blog post for tips on how to use social media and email to build buzz about your blog.

If you use the #bloglikecrazy hashtag when promoting your posts on Twitter, I’ll retweet your tweets. If you use it on Instagram, I’ll like and comment on your posts. And if you use it and tag me @seejavaciawrite when promoting your posts in Instagram Stories, I’ll share your story in my own. 

As I mentioned before, joining the free See Jane Write Network Facebook group is a good way to stay excited and encouraged throughout the challenge. And if you want to qualify for the cash prize, be sure to join the See Jane Write Collective.

So, are you ready to #bloglikecrazy? If you plan to join the challenge, let me know in the comments, and be sure to leave a link to your blog.

Find even more #BlogLikeCrazy tips here.