Month: September 2020

Kimberley Carter Spivey wants to help you “Bloom”

Do you feel a constant tug on your heart to go after your goals? Do you feel a constant tug at your heart telling you that you were meant for more?

If so, Kimberley Carter Spivey wrote her new book for you.

Bloom: How to Get from Good Enough to a Life You Love is part memoir, part self-help, and Kimberley wrote this book to help you make the life of your dreams a reality.

Kimberley is the woman behind the blog Girl, You Write and as she juggles marriage and motherhood with a writing career and a day job, she certainly knows what it takes to go after goals. It’s her go-getter attitude that made her See Jane Write Member of the Month back in September 2019. And now the See Jane Write community can’t wait to dive into her new book.


My Secret to Getting Things Done

Originally published October 19, 2016 // Updated September 8, 2020

How do you do it all?

People used to ask me this question a lot back when I was juggling teaching full time with freelance writing, blogging, running See Jane Write, exercising daily, and being a wife, daughter, sister, and friend.

Even now that I’m a full-time writerpreneur, people still want to know how I manage my time.

“What’s your secret?” they ask.

My answer: the Day Designer!

I believe that the keys to productivity are planning, process, and positive thinking — and the Day Designer helps with all three.