As we all continue to stay safe at home in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic we must rethink what it means to be a part of a writing community.

These days, we can’t – or at least we shouldn’t – huddle up with our writing friends and blogging buddies in tiny side rooms at our favorite coffee shops. But that doesn’t mean we can’t still get the support we need from our fellow creatives. As you work on your next post or project you can get the encouragement you need and still practice social distancing.

Of course, I think the best way to find the online writing community you need is to become a member of the See Jane Write Collective. Enrollment for membership won’t reopen until the fall, but you don’t have to be all alone until then. You can join our free Facebook group, the See Jane Write Network, today!

Here’s why you should:

The See Jane Write Network will help you slay your day and your week.

Most Sundays at 6 p.m. CT, I go live in the Facebook group to offer tips on how to plan your week and get things done. I also give in-depth advice on topics related to writing, blogging, social media, and more.

The See Jane Write Network will get you motivated on Mondays.

Each Monday I offer a #MondayMantra, a motivational quote or thought to help your week get off to a great start.

You can get your writing and blogging questions answered in the See Jane Write Network.

I get LOTS of emails with questions about writing and blogging and I don’t answer most of them out of respect for my coaching clients (who actually pay me for that kind of individualized help) and because I simply don’t have time. But on Q&A Tuesday in the See Jane Write Network, you can ask me your burning questions and if I can’t answer them you have more than 1,000 other women who can probably help.

The women of the See Jane Write Network will be your greatest cheerleaders.

On Hump Day we have #WinningWednesday. That’s your chance to share your wins for the week – whether personal or professional – so we can help you celebrate.

“Wednesday has easily become my favorite day of the week because it’s when we share our wins with a horde of compliments to celebrate one another in the Facebook group,” Jasmine Shaw once wrote in a blog post about See Jane Write. “The women of See Jane Write have become the wind beneath my entrepreneurial wings. They’re like the rhythmic chants from a crowd of friends, yelling ‘Ayyyee!’ as you confidently bust a move on the dance floor.”

Join the See Jane Write Network so I won’t have to silently correct your grammar.

I was an English teacher for a decade, and I’ve been writing since I could sit up straight. So, to say that correct grammar matters to me is an understatement. That’s why on Thursdays I quiz See Jane Write Network members on their grammar skills.

The See Jane Write Network can improve your social (media) life.

You won’t want to miss #FollowFriday when I invite members to share links to their social media accounts. You’ll have a chance to boost your numbers and find new accounts to follow so you can keep the conversation going with your newfound friends.

The See Jane Write Network can help you get paid!

On #ShootYourShotSaturday, I share freelance writing gigs, literary contests, and other opportunities. One member recently landed a 6-month contract thanks to a freelance writing gig I posted in the group. I’m all about women using their writing skills to make an impact and an income!

Most of all, the See Jane Write Network will remind you that writing is a communal act.

Writing can feel so lonely as we sit in front of our computers or scribble in our notebooks each day. But as Natalie Goldberg declares in her book Writing Down the Bones, writing is a communal act. Each weekday in the See Jane Write Network Facebook group I pose a question of the day, or #QOTD. Sometimes these questions are designed to help me get feedback on ideas I have for ways to grow See Jane Write or to get suggestions on future content to create. But most of these questions are designed to simply help the women of the See Jane Write Network get to know one another better.

As Natalie Goldberg writes, I want you to “write with the whole world in your arms.” I hope the See Jane Write Network can help you do just that.

Click here to request to join our free Facebook community.

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