Inspiration is everywhere. Through the years I’ve learned that some of the things that we see as distractions from the creative process can actually be the fuel we need for our next for blog post, article, or essay or even our first or next book.

That’s why I love sharing with you what I’m currently watching, writing, reading, listening to, loving, feeling, and planning. Here’s the latest edition of Currently!

Watching: I’ve spent so much time watching Apple TV+ lately I feel like we’re married. I highly recommend Servant, Defending Jacob, Truth Be Told, and The Morning Show. Currently, I’m back on Netflix watching Glitch.

Writing: In addition to freelancing for Babypalooza, StyleBlueprint, and several other publications, I’m really enjoying writing for myself and for you right here at See Jane Write. And my journaling practice is helping me remember that sometimes it’s great just to write for an audience of one.

Reading: Right now I’m rereading This Is Only a Test: What Breast Cancer Taught Me About Faith, Love, Hair and Business by Chris-Tia Donaldson. I read this book when I was first diagnosed with breast cancer hoping it would give me the courage to fight this battle. But now I’m reading it again with a writer’s lens hoping it will help me write a book of my own about this journey.

Listening to: Earlier this year actress Aisha Dee, who stars in one of my favorite television shows The Bold Type released an EP. Thanks to Ice in My Rose, Aisha is now one of my favorite actresses and one of my favorite singers.

Loving: My husband, who still looks at me like I’m the most beautiful girl in the world even though cancer has taken my hair and who does everything in his power to make sure cancer doesn’t take my hope.

Feeling: All the feels. Some days I’m a grateful girl who’s just happy to be alive. Other days I hate everything and I’m pissed off at this complete dumpster fire of a year.

Planning: All the things I want to do after there’s a COVID-19 vaccine and after I kick cancer’s ass.

What are you into currently?