We’ve all heard the saying “Dance like nobody’s watching,” but the other day while scrolling Instagram I saw a quote posted by Launch Pad Publishing that truly stuck with me — “Write like everybody’s reading.”

The caption reminds us that if we write a book no one reads, that’s called a journal. Then it goes on to say, “Write like EVERYBODY’S reading and maybe they will.”

Yes! I actually leapt from my seat with my fist in the air and yelled “Yes!” when I read this because I realized that this is exactly why I love blogging so much.

Sure, it’s fine to just write for yourself. I think journaling is a great way to process thoughts and even begin to heal from emotional trauma. But if you want your writing to make an impact (and an income) you have to share your work with others.

Blogging gives you an opportunity to do that without waiting for permission from the gatekeepers of the publishing world.

When you start blogging maybe nobody will be reading at first. But if you write like everybody is, you’ll be proud of your posts, so proud that you’ll share them on social media or work on your SEO so people can find your posts in a Google search.

And in the world of blogging, you can do a lot with a little. A small, but loyal following can help you land paid speaking engagements, paid writing assignments, and even allow you to build a business. I’m speaking from experience. My “little blog that could” has helped me do all these things and more.

Post with a Purpose

So what does it mean for us, as bloggers, to write like everybody’s watching? To me, it means that we need to always post with a purpose. Whether we want to educate, elevate, empower, or just entertain, we need to set a clear intention and make sure we’re not posting for the sake of posting.

As I’ve mentioned, this month I’m launching a new blogging e-course that will be part-memoir, part-manual. It will be like an e-book but will be designed as an e-course so that I can constantly update it as I continue to learn and as the blogging landscape continues to change.

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