Kimberley Carter Spivey did not come to play with y’all!

When she became a See Jane Write Collective member back in June she immediately got to work. She logged into the members-only resource library and started watching the videos and completing the lessons on blogging, brand building, and freelance writing. Then she put what she learned into action.

This month Kimberley launched her new blog and business, Girl You Write. She’s also done freelance writing for several publications all while juggling writing, blogging, and business with family and her day job as a Retention and Student Success Specialist at her alma mater, Auburn University at Montgomery.

Kimberley’s remarkable work ethic and her great participation in the See Jane Write Network Facebook group are why she is the September 2019 Member of the Month.

How did you get into writing? 

When I was seven years old my mom purchased my first diary. I realized at a young age that writing made me feel happy and excited. I was fascinated with words and how to creatively put them together. Ever since then, I’ve been in love with writing. 

What can people expect from your new blog Girl You Write

It’s a lifestyle blog for women that focuses on writing, motherhood, personal development, life, self-care, style, and beauty. Through the blog, my goal is to help tribes of women around the world find inspiration and fulfillment through a happy and healthy life balance. I think every woman deserves to have an outlet to embrace who they are, and a group of gal pals who share some of the same commonalities in life.

What kinds of services will Girl You Write LLC provide?

Article/feature writing, blogging, social media writing, web content, and more. Whether a client is in need of SEO friendly content, landing pages, sales letters, copy for brochures/leaflets or email marketing, Girl You Write can provide those services. 

I know you freelance for a few publications. Tell us more about that and how you got into it. What advice would you give someone looking to get into freelancing? 

My love for writing has afforded me opportunities to write for notable publications including RSVP Montgomery, Montgomery Parents, AL Metro 360, Gumptown Magazine, and Alabama Writer’s Forum.

I’ve always had a desire to become a columnist and write for some of my favorite publications. When I was 18 years old, the first episode of Sex in the City aired on June 6, 1998, starring Sarah Jessica Parker. Instantly, I was captivated by the series and smitten by Carrie Bradshaw, the protagonist portrayed by Sarah Jessica Parker. Carrie was a New York City columnist and fashionista who wrote a weekly column, Sex and the City. As her career progressed throughout the series, she also became a writer for Vogue. She was my inspiration to dream big and continue to pursue my passion for writing. Long ago, I told myself, “That’s going to be you someday and you’re going to become a well-known columnist and write for Vogue.” I’m still holding on to that dream.

I would tell anyone who’s looking to get into freelancing, believe in yourself as a writer, write every day to sharpen your craft, and pitch your work to editors over and over again. Take advantage of every resource that’s going to make you a better writer. Writing is a learning process, and you get better with your craft by writing daily. Don’t give up, keep pushing. Pursue your passion until you drop. Rest, get up, and do it again. 

Why did you decide to join the See Jane Write Collective and what do you like most about the membership program? 

I felt that joining the See Jane Write Collective was a great opportunity to learn more about being a freelance writer, and it could teach me how to become a better writer. Since I’ve been a member, I’ve learned so much about writing, blogging, and entrepreneurship. It has provided me with support and the courage to do things I never thought I could do. And I love that it offers an abundance of writing, blogging, social media and goal setting resources. The See Jane Write Collective has definitely been a helpful resource for me, and I’m extremely satisfied with my membership. 

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