See Jane Write offers a lot of FREE stuff to help you with your writing life. You can get tips on writing, blogging, and even personal brand building from See Jane Write blog posts. You can get even more information and inspiration from my free webinars. And you can find a group of fellow women writers to cheer you on in the See Jane Write Network Facebook group.

But these things just scratch the surface of what See Jane Write can do for you. When you join our membership program the See Jane Write Collective you’ll get access to a members-only resource library full of workbooks, videos, and more to help you with your writing or blogging journey. You’ll also get access to members-only workshops, writing sessions, and critique circles.

When you become a member of the See Jane Write Collective, you will have all the resources you need to follow what I like to call the See Jane Write Success Path.

The See Jane Write Success Path


As a writer, blogger, or entrepreneur, you must get crystal clear on who you are and what you want. 

In the members-only resource library, you’ll find a 5-day challenge that will help you define your personal brand.

One day of the challenge asks you to write a vision for your life and career. After you complete the 5-day personal branding challenge, use that vision to set some specific goals for yourself and a plan to complete those goals. Every month I put together a goal setting and planning workbook for members, too.


You won’t be able to accomplish any of the writing, blogging, or business goals you set for yourself if you don’t seriously commit to them. 

So, I have another challenge for you, a one-week challenge designed to help you with time management so you can commit to making time for your goals. 

Every week I host a virtual Girls Write-In session. During this time members gather via Zoom to write together silently for one hour. You could use this time to work on blog posts or a book or pitches to publications you want to write for. I also host monthly virtual critique sessions so you can get feedback on your work.


After you get focused and get serious, you need to get noticed. That means it’s time to build your platform. One way to do this is through blogging, but keep in mind that blogging best practices can apply to podcasts and YouTube channels, too. 


In the resource library, you’ll find a lesson on how to start a blog and a lesson on SEO. If you’re short on ideas you’ll find 365 prompts and tips on how to plan a blog series.

Social Media 

You can also build your platform through social media. I recommend you focus on one social media platform at a time. Remember the goal is to make progress but not get overwhelmed. In the resource library, you’ll find tips on how to plan social media posts to promote your blog posts as well as tips on Instagram, Snapchat and Facebook groups. 


Every writer, blogger, and entrepreneur should have an email list. That’s why I offer a lesson on how you can grow yours.

Events and Speaking Engagements

Live events and speaking engagements can help build your platform, too. The resource library includes an event planning guide and lessons on how to improve your public speaking skills.


See Jane Write is all about helping women like you make an impact and an income, so we are not here for that starving artist cliche. We want you to be a well-fed writer. 

Take a weekend and work on the “Blog Business Plan” lesson in the resource library to decide how exactly you plan to make money. 


If you want to make money as a freelance writer, the resource library offers interviews with full-time freelance writers, tips on how to write strong profiles, and other information to help you out.


If you want to make money as an author you’ll want to watch my interviews with authors on self-publishing, getting a book deal, turning your blog posts into a book, and marketing your book. You’ll find an incredible workshop on manuscript revisions, too.


If you dream of being a full-time blogger and influencer, you can get informed and inspired by my interview with Vic Styles and a host of other resources.

And if there’s something you want to learn about and you can’t find it in the members-only resource library all you have to do is tell me and I’ll start working on producing new content or planning a workshop on that topic.

How to Join the See Jane Write Collective

To join the See Jane Write Collective, start by filling out the application at the bottom of this page. Don’t let the application intimidate you. I’m not using that to determine if you’re “good enough” to be a part of our crew. You are more than enough. The application is just there to help me get to know you so that I can better serve.

Once your application is received, I’ll email you with your next steps.

See Jane Write Collective membership is $19.99 per month, but if you enroll in August your first month will only be $9.99.

So what are you waiting for? Let’s do this!