As you probably know, See Jane Write is a community for women who write. But the Janes, as I like to call the ladies of my tribe, are women who wear many hats. Some of the women of See Jane Write are also teachers, entrepreneurs, and community activists. GeNeise Fuller is one of those women and that’s why she’s the April 2019 See Jane Write Member of the Month.

Just in time for National Poetry Month, GeNeise recently released her latest book — When Is It MY Time? A Poetic Courtroom Battle with God.

But GeNeise has also been busy teaching dance and advocating for children’s health. Read on to learn more about GeNeise’s writing and all of her important work.

For people unfamiliar with your work, tell us what your new book is about.

When Is It MY Time? A Poetic Courtroom Battle with God is about my frustration of love, life, and a relationship. I literally take God to court! I lay
out my case to God, He rebuttals, there are closing arguments, then the verdict. In my search for answers, I offer hope to other women who have ever been hurt or presently hurting by life, love, or relationships.

April is National Poetry Month. What are some things you think people should and could do to immerse themselves in poetry this month?

I think one great way for people to immerse themselves in poetry this month is to attend the wonderful event Ashley Jones is sponsoring — the Magic City Poetry Festival. Sonja Sanchez (who will be a featured reader at one of the festival events) is a great poet and activist!

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Any tips for people who might want to try their hand at writing poetry?

For me, poetry is about matters of the heart. It’s expressing those raw, honest emotions or concerns of the heart. Write it down and go for it. I personally love poetry that rhymes but not all has to have that format. Just write.

Any recommendations of great poetry collections to read?

In my research in writing this book, I saw some interesting poetry collections, but the one that really intrigued me the most was The Best Poems of the English Language: From Chaucer Through Frost
collected and with commentary by Harold Bloom. The book has about a million pages! I don’t think I will ever finish that one! But, I did say that one day my poems will be included in that title. A girl can dream!

Tell us more about the community work that you. 

My community work involves something that is very passionate to my heart. I advocate protecting children from secondhand smoke. It is one of the most preventable diseases affecting the health of innocent children. My organization ACCESS began in 2010 for the purpose of protecting children from this disease. In 2015 we created Unity in the Communities (UITC) to bring awareness and unify communities by highlighting a basketball game between local pastors and law enforcement. Since we are planning
more extensive activities for the event, we are postponing this year for a bigger bang in the year 2020.

I know that you have many other talents in addition to writing. Tell us more about those and also talk a bit about how these talents help you as a writer.

I am a singer/songwriter, dancer and dance coach. I have been singing ever since I was a child. I remember there was a lady at church who would take me to different programs in the city to sing. As a child, I was so nervous! But she believed in me. I have written over 50 songs; a few are copyrighted. And dance, I fell in love with that and began to teach children and adults how to praise and worship. All of it has helped my writing as I am able to draw from a wealth of experience.

Even though you were busy putting the finishing touches on your book, you attended most of the sessions for this year’s See Jane Write Virtual Summit back in January! First, let me say I really appreciate that. Second, can you share one thing you learned from the summit that you’re going to carry with you throughout the year?

The one thing I learned or shall I say noticed at the See Jane Write Virtual Summit was all of these ladies were rockin’ it! They were on their game. They were skilled in their craft. And they were confident, yet humble. All of those things combined inspired me to be about my business to make sure when my opportunity arises I am ready!

Get access to recordings of all See Jane Write Virtual Summit 2019 sessions and an implementation workbook here.

Lastly, can you tell our readers what you like most about See Jane Write?

Well, aside from Javacia being an awesome teacher who truly cares about the success of all of her members, the great events she offers us
and up-to-date information, what I love most is that she is local! I can reach out and connect with her personally, face-to-face, around the corner if I needed to.


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