Megan LaRussa Chenoweth and I

If you’re like me the new year has you in the mood for all new everything and you may be wondering if it’s time for you to rebrand your blog. I’ve honestly been wondering the same thing about See Jane Write.

While thinking this over I decided to revisit an interview I did back in 2015 with style coach Megan LaRussa Chenoweth when she rebranded her blog and business. For years, Megan has been my brand and business role model and she’s the prototype of how women can transition from lady blogger to boss lady.

Megan started a fashion blog years ago when she was going to school and working in New York. The purpose was just to share her adventures in style and what she was learning about the latest trends with her friends and family back home in Birmingham, Alabama. But soon people started asking her to help them with their wardrobes. Then she started styling for magazine photo shoots and fashion shows. Her blog turned into a booming business and for years both were known as Southern Femme.

Then in 2015, Megan rebranded. Her website, social media channels and business name changed to Megan LaRussa and with the new name came a new focus: Megan decided to only focus on style coaching and stopped styling for magazines and fashion shows.

Do you really need to rebrand?

So, if you are considering a rebrand ask yourself if you have a legitimate reason for the change. Is your blog’s focus going to shift? Have you realized your ideal reader has evolved? If so, a rebrand might be a good idea. But if you’re just bored with the look of your site, simply try out a new theme. If you’re bored with your content you may need to just do more reading to get inspired with some fresh ideas for your niche.

“For anyone trying to decide if they should rebrand, I encourage them to really think about what their current branding is projecting,” Megan said during our chat on the topic. “Is it projecting the right image? Is it showcasing your skill set in a unique light?  Is it speaking to your target market?  But even more importantly, think about what aspects of your business really bring you joy and fulfillment.  Is your brand allowing you to focus on those areas you are passionate about? If not, it’s time to rebrand!”

Does your current blog’s focus allow you to write about the things you are most passionate about? If not, it may be time for a change.

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Are you willing to put in the work a rebrand requires?

If you do decide to rebrand, get ready to work, especially if your rebrand will require a name change. Megan hired a branding firm that helped her develop a new logo, color palette, business cards, and website. It was a six-month process! During that time, she also worked on other aspects of the rebrand such as hiring a professional photographer to spend two days with her capturing her doing the work she loves. She then used these images on her site and on social media.

Even if you don’t change the name of your blog and you only change the focus of your content, freshening up the look of your website with a new theme, new images, and perhaps even a new color scheme is still a good idea as this will visually represent your new direction.

How will you spread the word about your rebrand?

In true Megan fashion, she and her team unveiled the new brand with a fabulous soiree held in Birmingham. I was honored to attend and after the party, I had a chat with Megan about her decision to rebrand in hopes that she could offer advice to any other lady bloggers and boss ladies out there who may think it’s time for a change. I’m glad I did because her tips are coming in handy as I consider a rebrand of my own.

Megan speaking at her brand relaunch soiree

As the final tweaks were being made to Megan’s rebrand she slowly started changing all of her social media channels over to her new company name. Then she hosted her “stylish soiree” for her clients and biggest supporters.

“Once we shared the exciting news with those we work with most, it was time to announce to our social networks,” Megan said. “This is when we changed images, logos, and made the big announcement.”

But it didn’t stop there. Megan and her team were working all summer spreading the word about her new brand and expanded services.

Maybe you could spread the word about your rebrand with a relaunch party. The promotions you do to get the word out about the party will also help get the word out about your site’s new direction.

So, was Megan nervous about her rebrand? Of course, she was!

“Anytime you change something that is important to you it is scary,” she says. “It made it especially nerve-wreaking since my business was doing great and growing rapidly as is, but I knew it was time for a change.  I had been dragging my feet for too long, and I was finally ready to take that next step towards fulfilling my dream of just being a style coach.  It is also scary for anyone that owns their own business to invest heavily in their company like you have to during a rebrand.  But take your time, do it right, hire the right people, and it will be well worth the investment.  I have an amazing mentor that told me that a rebrand doesn’t come along very often and thus it is worth doing it right.  If you listen to your instincts, have great mentors, and follow your dreams, then investing in yourself, your company, and ultimately your clients is well worth it!”

So if you decide to rebrand, don’t rush the process and don’t go it alone.