It’s time for another edition of Currently, a feature for which I share what I’m currently watching, reading, listening to, writing, feeling, planning, and loving.

Watching: Y’all, I’m obsessed with the OWN reality show Chad Loves Michelle, which follows the life of singer Michelle Williams (of Destiny’s Child fame) and her relationship with well-known minister Chad Johnson. So I was heartbroken when the news broke last week that the two had called off their engagement and split up. I’m still here for the show, nonetheless, because it tackles so many important topics. As someone who battles depression and anxiety, I’ve been grateful for how open Michelle has been about her own struggles and I’ve appreciated how the show sheds light on how depression and anxiety can affect relationships.

Reading: Becoming by Michelle Obama. I think every woman who writes should read this book. (I explain why here.)

Listening: Pentatonix Christmas songs. If you know me well, you know Christmas is not my favorite holiday due to all the stress that comes along with it. And most Christmas music gets on my nerves. Sure, I love all the soulful classics by Otis Redding, Donny Hathaway, and The Temptations and tracks like “What Do the Lonely Do,” “Santa Claus Wants Some Lovin'” and — my all-time favorite — “Back Door Santa.” But when it comes to most contemporary takes on Christmas songs, I’ll pass. That is unless they’re songs by Pentatonix. It’s just something about that acapella harmony that gets me every time!

Writing: I’m working on several freelance pieces this month for four different publications. Four of those pieces are profiles of incredibly inspiring women. I can’t wait to share them with you!

Feeling: Grateful. I’ve been sick off and on for the past three weeks and now that I’m finally like myself again I’m thankful for the strength and energy to do the things I want and need to do. Also, as a teacher, I’m grateful that Winter Break is less than two weeks away!

Planning: Q1 of 2019. I know we’re probably all working on setting our goals for 2019 right now, but I’m being sure to go deeper. I’m setting goals for the first 90 days of 2019 and planning what I need to do each month and even each week to accomplish these goals. (If you need help with your goal setting and planning for 2019, be sure to join the free See Jane Write Network Facebook group where I’ll be doing live mini-masterclasses on goal setting every Sunday in December. Also, I’ll be offering even more guidance to members of the See Jane Write Collective, our paid membership program. Learn more and apply to join here.)

Loving: Daydreaming about the future while learning to enjoy the present.

What are you currently into?