My friend and teaching colleague Kwoya Maples always says there’s no such thing as writer’s block. You just have to be willing to write things that aren’t all that great. In other words, we have to remember that writing is a practice. This is exactly why I love blogging. And if you’re struggling to find something to blog about, just think of all the things you’re into right now. I am certain you’ll find inspiration from one of them. Or better yet, you could write a post sharing what you’re into and why — which is exactly what I’m in the mood to do right now.

Here’s what I’m currently listening to, watching, reading, and obsessing over.

Listening: Like any self-respecting member of the BeyHive I have listened to Everything Is Love, 134234908 times already and I think I’ve been watching the video for “Apes**t” every hour on the hour. As my husband (who’s also a blogger in case you’re new around here) said in his review of the album, “Everything Is Love is simply a celebration of black love.” And this is exactly why I’ve been listening to it on repeat since Saturday.

Watching: If you know me you know I watch old episodes of Criminal Minds on all days of the week that end in “y” but my favorite summer shows are back, too! I can’t get enough of Queen Sugar on OWN. The writer in me loves following Nova’s journey as a journalist, the entrepreneur in me admires Charley’s tenacity and business savvy, and the big sister in me get overly emotional with just about any scene with Ralph Angel. The Bold Type is back on Freeform. I love to watch this show and live vicariously through these young women and daydream about what life would have been like had I went to New York to pursue my dream of working for a national magazine. Also, this week Queen of South is back on USA and you know I will be glued to the screen!

Reading: I’ve started but failed to finish about five different books this summer, but I’m currently reading Girl With a Plan: Success Strategies for Life and Business by Maria Kritikos, who is the founder of the Ladies Who Lunch Network and one of the women who inspired me to take See Jane Write to the next level.

Obsessing Over: I’m currently obsessing over writing and blogging, but I’m always obsessing over writing and blogging. Right now I’m grappling with the question of if I should start a teacher blog or not and if I should self-publish the book I’ve been working on, try to get it traditionally published or ditch the project altogether. Help!

What are you currently into?