January 8 is Clean Off Your Desk Day and I want to help you celebrate by not only giving you tips on how to clean your desk but also suggestions of what to put on that desk once it’s spic and span.

I deep clean the desk in my home office at the end of each year.  Here’s what I do:

First, I remove EVERYTHING from my desk and wipe it down with disinfectant spray. I also wipe down the things I removed from my desk.

Next, I file away any loose papers that were on my desk.

Finally, I store away any notebooks, journals, and planners that were on my desk that I know I won’t be using on a regular basis the upcoming year.

So, here’s what you’ll find on my desk in 2018:

Notebooks & Journals: Of course, a writer needs notebooks and journals on her desk, but be sure they each have a purpose. Some of the notebooks on my desk are for notes, assignments, and ideas for my coaching clients. Other notebooks are for blog post ideas, article ideas, and business plans. I am sure to keep these notebooks in neat, organized stacks so my desk won’t feel cluttered.

Reference Books: On the other end of my desk you’ll find reference books such as a dictionary, but also books with writing prompts and two photography books as I’m trying to grow my Instagram following this year.

Inspiration: In addition to books of writing prompts, you need things on your desk that fill you with inspiration and motivation just by looking at them. For me, this includes an award I received when I was selected as one of the Top 40 Under 40 in my city, a jar filled with colorful slips of paper onto which I’ve written down my wildest dreams, and a picture of my husband that sits atop my file cabinet. I think fresh flowers would also make a great addition to a writer’s desk or home office. (I also have inspiration surrounding me on the walls of my home office, which you can see pictures of here.)

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Office Supplies: There’s not much inspiring about pens, paper clips, a stapler or a tape dispenser, but you should have these on your desk nonetheless, along with your favorite mug.

Planners: If you’re a blogger or working on improving your social media presence, you need a planner to help plan your content and this planner should be on your desk. I’m a fan of The Content Planner. When I’m home you’ll also find my Day Designer on my desk, but when I’m away from home so is it as I use this planner to schedule every hour of every day and am utterly lost with it!

What’s on your writing desk? 


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