We all know how the saying goes: A goal without a plan is just a wish. So if one of your goals for 2018 is to blog more consistently you’re going to need a plan to make that happen. This is where The Content Planner comes in.

Created by photographer, graphic designer, and entrepreneur Kat Gaskin, The Content Planner is a planner designed specifically for content creators to help you plan your blog posts, email campaigns, and social media posts.

Could you plan all of these things on a spreadsheet? Of course, you could, but that wouldn’t be as fun! Plus, The Content Planner features monthly themes and a long list of holidays and marketing dates that will help you never run out of ideas.

Case in point, last week I sat down with a notebook to brainstorm post ideas for January. I was going to make a list of post ideas in a notebook and then write down in The Content Planner when I would publish each post. But I got stuck.

I got hit with blogger’s block and couldn’t think of enough ideas for all the days I want to publish new content in January. So I turned to The Content Planner for help. The Content Planner includes lists of themes for each month and a list of holidays and marketing dates. When I started studying these lists suddenly a floodgate of ideas opened!

Themes for January include goals, resolutions, tools for planning, and fitness. Looking at these themes I decided to write a post on my 2018 goals and how I plan to accomplish them, a post on vision boards, a post on how to plan your wardrobe so you can dress like a fashion blogger (even if you’re not one) and a post on how writers can make time to exercise and why we should. Also, I saw that January 8 is Clean Your Desk Day which inspired me to blog about what writers should have on their desks. And that’s just a small sampling of the ideas that came to me after reviewing these themes and marketing dates. By the end of my brainstorming session, I had more than 30 post ideas for January!

I’ve already discovered that The Content Planner will not only keep me organized but will keep me inspired, too. Click here to order The Content Planner for your blog.

*This post contains affiliate links. If you make a purchase through one of the links in this post I will receive a small commission. 

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