I call it #BlogLikeCrazy. Each year, I challenge the readers of See Jane Write to publish a new blog post every day in the month of November.  And I’m so glad that every year several ladies (and gentlemen) join the fun.

Today I salute the #BlogLikeCrazy All-Stars for 2017 — the bloggers who succeeded in giving their readers new content every day in November.

Eagles Mount Editing

Eagles Mount Editing is a boutique editing service run by See Jane Write member Harriette Thompkins. On her blog for the Eagle Mount Editing website, Harriette offers practical writing tips as well as inspirational lifestyle posts to encourage those looking to write their dreams into reality.

Spiffy Eats & Giggle Water

If you like eating food, cooking food and photographing food, you’re going to love Spiffy Eats & Giggle Water by See Jane Write member Jessica Furniss. You can count on Jessica for recipes for delicious, healthful, seasonal meals and tips on how to make your pictures of these meals look as amazing as they taste.

Folkways Nowadays

Folkways Nowadays is a blog by See Jane Write member Audrey Atkins that’s all about “examining Southern traditions old and new.” This year for #bloglikecrazy Audrey shared her family’s favorite recipes and dishes as well as recipes for other typical southern favorites including ambrosia, sweet potato pie, gumbo, cornbread, and hushpuppies.

Love, Marliceia

Makeup artist, poet, musician and See Jane Write member Marliceia Chavers launched her new blog Love, Marliceia just in time for #bloglikecrazy. Marliceia’s new blog is just as multi-faceted as she is. Meant to document her journey to self-love and help readers begin a self-love journey of their own, Love, Marliceia features motivational posts, posts on relationships and self-care, poetry, and much more.

Faye’s Sewing Adventure

As the name of her blog suggests, Linda Faye Lewis blogs about her sewing projects and about other blogging babes who sew on her site Faye’s Sewing Adventure. Faye says that nothing she has ever tried to do has come easy and sewing was no exception. In fact, she took a break from sewing for 15 years until she was inspired to return to her passion in 2006 and she’s been sewing ever since.

Southern Senora

This is the third year in a row that Teresa Odom of Southern Senora has participated in the #bloglikecrazy challenge. Sharing “the Southern Hispanic lifestyle in Birmingham, Alabama,”  Teresa blogs about family, food, local events and more. A talented photographer, too, this See Jane Write member captures memorable moments in images and words.

Kristina Hamlett

See Jane Write member Kristina Hamlett blogs about both writing and wellness giving you inspiration for both whether that be a recipe for Meatless Monday, tips on how to stay consistent with exercise, motivation to write, or an encouraging personal story.

My Pretty Brown FIt

A food and lifestyle blog by Artney Walker, My Pretty Fit Brown offers recipes, restaurant reviews, running tips and more. Artney is a plus-size marathoner who’s been featured in Weight Watchers magazine and several other publications because we here at See Jane Write aren’t the only ones who realize how much of an inspiration she is.

Life with Lisa E

See Jane Write member Lisa E. Williams is the writer of the lifestyle blog Life with Lisa E, which focuses on encouraging personal growth and improving relationships. Lisa says, “I’m passionate about helping women navigate the path to their dreams and understand how our relationships play a vital part.”


Whether you’re looking to travel internationally or find adventure in your own town, See Jane Write member Mia Ransom Parnell of MiaAdventura can help you “discover yourself through travel.” In November, for example, Mia gave readers detailed recaps of her recent trip to Ireland and shared about a visit to Huntsville, Alabama.

Tracie B. Threadford

See Jane Write member Tracie B. Threadford calls herself “the money make-up artist” as she “specializes in helping her clients (and readers) with budgeting techniques and programs that effectively show them how to transform their debt into wealth.” Last month during the #bloglikecrazy challenge Tracie shared tips on taxes, investing, and saving and published a series of posts on homeownership. If you’re trying to make sure your bank account looks as good as you do, Tracie’s blog should definitely be on your reading list.

Alice in Authorland

Alice Lundy of Alice Authorland blogs about writing, women’s issues, relationships, grief, and yoga. Alice says, “Life, grief, and embodying success as a writer can look like going in circles. So, I climb my spiral staircase. I try to get a better view. It’s better when shared.” Follow her journey as you travel your own winding road to success.

Sarah E. Griswold

Sarah E. Griswold is a graduate student in the Religion in Culture master’s program at The University of Alabama. I met Sarah when I spoke at WordCamp Birmingham in October. I mentioned #bloglikecrazy in my talk and she decided to take the challenge. Throughout the month Sarah shared updates on the progress of her thesis, reviews of books she’s reading for her thesis,  real-world applications of the seemingly abstract concepts she’s learning in class, and more.

Soul In Stereo

Every year my husband Edward T. Bowser of Soul in Stereo participates in #bloglikecrazy. But he doesn’t do it to increase his traffic or sharpen his writing skills. He does it simply to show me that he supports all that I do for See Jane Write. And not only is Edward the best husband a girl could ask for, he’s also the best music blogger on the Internet. If you want honest, thorough music reviews, insightful yet hilarious pop culture commentary, and informative yet entertaining round-up lists, you will definitely consider Soul In Stereo a chart-topper.

Naturally Superb

Tameka James of Naturally Superb blogs about fashion, makeup, natural hair, food, crafts, and more but all with a purpose. Tameka says, “I want to share my journey in hopes that you get some inspiration to be the best you and make the most of this precious life.”

Honorable Mentions

Season 26

See Jane Write member Jasmine T. Duff of Season 26 posted 29 of the 30 days but I had to include her on this list because her content is SO GOOD. With posts about faith, fashion, relationships and more, Season 26 should definitely be on your blogroll if you’re a woman living by the motto of “wake, pray, slay.”

Sew What’s Up

Mary Morrison of Sew What’s Up found out about #bloglikecrazy a day late, so she started the challenge on November 2, but she posted consistently every day after that. Her blog is a record of her sewing projects and a great reminder that even in 2017 blogging can still serve as a digital diary and just be fun again!

The Write Wade

See Jane Write member Christina J. Wade was determined to publish 30 blog posts in November even if that meant publishing several posts on one day to make up for the days she missed. Whether she’s discussing writing or relationships, exploring the power of words, or examining the messages of movement, Christina’s blog at The Write Wade is all about communication and “listening at the speed of life.”

If you completed the #bloglikecrazy challenge, too, leave a link to your blog in the comments.