This is it — it’s November 1, the first day of #bloglikecrazy. This month many bloggers across the country and I will attempt to blog every single day.

As we enter this challenge and this month it’s important to set specific goals for the next 30 days. What do you hope to get out of #bloglikecrazy? What other goals and intentions do you have for November? Could working toward these goals help you produce more content for #bloglikecrazy?

Here’s a look at my goals for #bloglikecrazy:

  • Publish a new blog post every day for 30 days.
  • Host a #bloglikecrazy meetup in Birmingham. (Space is limited. You can RSVP here.)
  • Increase my Twitter following to 3,000. (You can follow me on Twitter here.)
  • I want #bloglikecrazy to be a trending topic on Twitter.
  • Double my blog’s monthly pageviews.

And here are some other goals, plans, and intentions for November:

  • Participate in the Vulcan Run 10K.
  • Meet all deadlines for a major project (which I will be able to talk more about soon).
  • Send my book to my beta readers and editor.
  • Try to win tickets to see Janet Jackson in concert. (You can help me win by giving this video of me a thumbs up.)
  • Develop my Q1 2018 marketing plan. (Here is the workshop I’m attending to do so.)
  • Redesign my blog.
  • Meet all deadlines for November’s freelance assignments.
  • Host a SOL Dance Experience party. (You can RSVP here.)
  • Recruit 9 new coaching clients. (If you’re interested, click here to learn more.)
  • Recruit 45 new See Jane Write members. (Enrollment for membership is currently closed but fill out the application here to be notified when it reopens later this month.)

What are your goals for the month and for the #bloglikecrazy challenge? Join the See Jane Write Network Facebook group for extra support in going after your November goals.