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Wow! What a month November has been. Today is the last day of #bloglikecrazy 2017 and I’d like to take a look back at some of the things I accomplished this month and the blog posts I wrote along the way.

I started the month on a high note, achieving a personal best in the Vulcan Run 10K, an accomplishment that actually taught me a lot about writing.

I finally finished a strong draft of my book after realizing I needed an elevator pitch for it. Once I got that together the book started to come together, too.

I was able to work on my book, work on freelance assignments, and blog like crazy because I meticulously plan my day and my week. I am also intentional about working to beat writer’s block.

I spent way too much money on planners this month, but I can’t wait to get them all, especially The Content Planner! I’m going to be a part of the #WomenWithaPlan initiative that Kat Gaskin, the creator of The Content Planner, is starting, so you’ll hear a lot more about this planner soon.

The month ended on a high note, too. Sleepover Media featured me as a Bama Boss Babe for the work I do through See Jane Write and it was finally announced that I will be a speaker at TEDxBirmingham 2018!

What were the highlights of your month?