Last week I challenged you to set goals for November and the #bloglikecrazy challenge. This week I want you to add another goal to the list or to at least make one of the goals you’ve already set a top priority. This week I want you to think about your game-changer goal.

A game-changer goal is exactly what it sounds like, a goal that changes the game for you, a goal that has a huge impact on your professional and/or personal life, a goal that, once accomplished, makes it easier to achieve other goals on your list.

My game-changer goal for November is sending my book to my editor and beta readers. Once this is done not only will it free up more time to work on other goals, but it will bring me one step closer to accomplishing a major goal for 2018, which is to self-publish and successfully market a book.

My game-changer goal for the #bloglikecrazy challenge is doubling my monthly pageviews. This increase in readership will give me the encouragement I need to finish the year strong and enter 2018 with confidence.

So what’s your game-changer goal for the month? What’s your game-changer goal for the #bloglikecrazychallenge?

Also, consider this: What’s your game-changer goal for the next six months?

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