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Be a woman to watch. I’ve already decided this will be my mantra for 2018. But there’s no need to wait until January 1 to start crushing my goals. In fact, I believe that to make 2018 the year I want it to be, I need to get to work on next year’s goals right now and I want to help you do the same.

If you want to slay 2018, here are three things I believe you should do before the end of this year.

Write the vision; make it plain. Before Siri, Google Maps or your car’s GPS can give you directions it has to know where you’re going. Likewise, before you can develop an action plan for accomplishing your dreams, you need to be clear on your destination. You need a vision for your life. A good way to get started is to give yourself at least 30 minutes to freely write about the life you want to live five years from now. What does your ideal day look like? Describe every aspect of your life including your professional and creative pursuits, your relationships, your health, your home, your clothes and your car, and even what you do for fun.

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Know your worldview. Author and blogger Jeff Goins says that instead of worrying about nailing down a niche, writers, bloggers, and other content creators should focus more on clarifying their worldview. To do so, Goins recommends completing a simply fill-in-the-blank exercise: I believe every ________ should __________. Your worldview should permeate your entire blog, book, podcast, or YouTube channel. The content you create should center on this worldwivew. My worldview, for example, is that I believe every woman should share her story and get paid to do so. Every post on this blog is somehow related to this belief. Your vision gives you direction for your life as a whole, while your worldview will give you direction for the content you create.

Remember a goal without a plan is just a wish. Use your vision to set specific goals for 2018. Then break down each of those goals into smaller steps. These steps will become your quarterly and monthly goals and make your big yearly goals less intimidating.


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