Can you believe that #bloglikecrazy starts next week?! In case you’re new around here, every November I challenge my fellow bloggers to publish a new blog post every day for 30 days. I started doing this a few years ago with the ladies of See Jane Write and soon women — and men — all over the country joined in.

If you’d like to participate, simply use the hashtag #bloglikecrazy when you share your posts on social media and I’ll help you promote your posts. Also, I’ll give you encouragement along the way by sharing blogging tips and post ideas using the #bloglikecrazy hashtag. 

Now you may be thinking, “Why on earth should I blog every day for 30 days?”

Good question. I believe blogging every day for 30 days will boost your creativity, your community, and your consistency. I break down each of these here

Or maybe you’re thinking, “How on earth am I supposed to blog every day for 30 days?” 

Well, last week, I wrote a post to help you create an editorial calendar for November. This week I want to help you figure out when you’re going to actually write these posts.

There are two different ways you could approach this: 1) the week-to-week method or 2) the day-by-day method.

The Week-to-Week Method

Stay consistent by staying ahead. This is one of my #1 pieces of advice for bloggers and this same advice could help you #bloglikecrazy. Remember, the rule is that you must publish a new blog post every day, not necessarily write a new post every day. This means you can batch produce content in advance. During the last week of October, you can work on content for the first week of #bloglikecrazy. Then the first week of #bloglikecrazy you’ll work on content for the second week and so on.

You could also take your blog on a date. Each weekend you could escape to your favorite coffee shop for several hours and work on blog posts for the upcoming week. Getting out of the house will help you write more posts in a shorter period of time without the distractions of your family, laundry, dirty dishes, or Law & Order reruns.

The Day-to-Day Method

With the day-to-day method, you will be writing every day October 31 – November 29. With this method, you will work on your post for the day on the day before you plan to publish it. (I DO NOT recommend waiting until the day of to write a post!)

I offer this method of blogging like crazy with reservations. It’s risky because life will inevitably get in the way. You’ll have the best intentions of blogging every evening but then your kid gets sick or your Internet goes out or your boss dumps an urgent project on your desk at 4:30 p.m.

That’s why if you’re following this method I would encourage you to plan to get up earlier than you normally do and work on your blog post first thing in the morning. But also schedule some writing time in the evening just in case you hit that snooze button too much.

The day-to-day method requires grit. It requires a “by any means necessary” attitude. In that way, I think the day-to-day method is a great way to condition yourself to get serious about going after your goals.

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Last week, I encouraged you to create an editorial calendar by brainstorming 30 post ideas and planning when you would publish each post.

Now, I want you to use a calendar and plan out when you’re going to actually write each post. Schedule your blog dates or daily writing sessions and have a Plan B. This year I’m using the day-to-day method. I will work on my posts in the morning before I go to work, but if I oversleep or if there’s something more urgent I need to work on in the morning instead I will write in the evening after work. But I will be sure to always stay a day ahead.

Happy Blogging!

If you plan to participate in #bloglikecrazy this year, leave a comment below telling me what you hope to get out of this challenge and be sure to share your blog URL.