Freedom means being yourself without anyone’s permission.

My theme for this month is FREEDOM, and not simply because this is the month in which we celebrate America’s independence.

This month I am setting goals that are all about feeling free.

I am free to write and and self-publish my own book. I don’t have to wait for permission from a publishing house in New York or anyone else to publish my work. I have had the honor of having poems, short stories, and essays of mine published in anthologies and journals and in books produced by major publishing houses. But I want to hold in my hand a collection of work that is all mine. The irony of this is that I’ve helped several women write and self-publish their own books, but have never had the time to help myself do the same. My time has come.

This month I will write the first draft of my book.

I am free to be myself on my blog. I’ve tried over the past 11 months or so to share more personal content on the See Jane Write blog and I’ve succeeded in doing so, yet something still feels off. So I’m making some changes. I’m either going to relaunch my personal blog, start something new or finally figure out how to be both Jane and Javacia here on this site.

This month I will start personal blogging again.

I am free to run my business and not let it run me. Though See Jane Write is not my full-time job, I would like it to make more money, but I don’t want to kill myself with constant launches to do so. In short, I need to get my sh*t together and this means setting up systems.

This month I will set up a sales funnel for See Jane Write.

I am free to speak my truth to the world. Nearly everything I do centers on my belief that all women have a story worth sharing and that in doing so they can empower themselves and other women. This is why I write, why I teach, and why I started See Jane Write. And this is why I want to do a TED talk on writing as a feminist act.

This month I will submit a speaker proposal to TEDxBirmingham.

I am free to be myself in my classroom. I recently learned that in addition to teaching early American literature to my school’s 10th graders, I also will be teaching 7th grade English. This will be my first time taking on this class and at first I was really nervous, not only because it’s something new but also because I prefer teaching teenagers. But when my boss told me I had the freedom to structure the classroom how I wanted, I got excited! Instead of trying to copy what other 7th grade English teachers have done before, I will study their examples, but do my own thing. I’ve already thought of ways to incorporate my love for podcasts, poetry, and fitness into my curriculum.

This month I plan a 7th grade English class that I will be proud of.

What is your theme for July? What are your goals for the month?