It’s one of the best emails to wake up to as a writing coach:

So, the big news is…


Done. Done done done.

Melissa Scott sent me this email recently to let me know she had completed the first draft of her essay collection, a process I’ve had the honor and privilege to guide her through as her writing coach.

She ended her email with, “Thank you so much for all your help,” but I feel I should be thanking her because Melissa has been a source of inspiration for me for years.

As a body positive yoga instructor she inspires me to love my body as is and to appreciate my body for what it can do instead of always focusing on how it looks. And the honesty and authenticity of her blog posts inspired me to be more transparent in my own.

Melissa Scott is the See Jane Write Member of the Month for April not simply because she has completed the first draft of her book, but because she is the epitome of what See Jane Write is all about.

What inspired you to start writing?

I can’t remember a time in my life when I didn’t write. As a little girl, I wrote short stories and poems as a way to create imaginative worlds and entertain myself. As I got older, I found that writing was a powerful way to express what I feel and believe. And when I started blogging, I heard from people who thanked me for sharing my stories. The more response I got, the more it inspired me to write.

What role do you feel writing plays in your overall wellness?

Writing is one of my favorite ways to process. I’ve dealt with a lot in my life — from anxiety and depression to sexual assault and an eating disorder — and writing has always been a way to get what’s inside of me out into the world so that I can manage it. Blogging has connected me to an amazing community of supportive people, which is so crucial to overall health and wellness.

Do you see any similarities between writing and yoga?

So many! Both writing and yoga help us find presence in the moment. Whether you’re on your mat or in front of your laptop or journal, you’re focused right here, right now. Both practices are amazing places to transform the negative into the positive, to take life’s challenges and turn them into beautiful inspiration. And of course, both are fantastic self-care.

What inspired you to write your book? 

I’ve wanted to write a book for a long time. I spent years feeling like I had a book inside me waiting to get out, but I didn’t know how to make it happen. After years of blogging, I realized I had a body of work I could pull from to form the basis of something I could be really proud of. I also saw women around me publishing their own amazing books, which inspired and excited me to do the same. It just felt like the right time to do it.

What can readers expect from your book?

The book is a collection of essays, divided into three parts. The first part is about yoga, of course. The second part is about social issues that I care deeply about, such as body image, feminism, privilege and oppression, and politics. The last part is about life in general, things like travel stories and lessons I’ve learned from relationships. It’s an incredibly personal and vulnerable book. I’m really proud of it and excited to share it.

Why did you decide to enlist the help of a coach to write your book? How was it beneficial?

I knew I could write a book, I just had no idea where to start. I knew I needed someone to illuminate those first few steps down the path for me. And that’s exactly what I got! Coaching gave me so much clarity about how this book needed to come together. And the accountability of weekly check-ins helped me stay on track to my goals. I’m incredibly grateful to you, Javacia, for everything you’ve done to help make my dream book become a reality.

Why did you join See Jane Write? What has been most beneficial about being a part of this community?

I joined See Jane Write because I knew I needed a community of female writers in my life. Writing can feel lonely sometimes because it’s often a solo thing. But to have a group of women I respect and admire on my side keeps me feeling connected and motivated. The regular emails with tips and ideas are so great and spark ideas and inspiration for me. I’m so grateful to be a part of See Jane Write!


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