This girl is focused in February! // Photo by Kristen Stringer

February 1st is here. We’re an entire month into 2017 and, unfortunately, I spent most of January feeling completely overwhelmed. And it was all my own fault!

My 2017 goals, the same goals that in December filled me with anticipation and excitement, in January started to fill me with apprehension and trepidation instead. I made a list of all the tasks I needed to complete to accomplish my January goals but the list was about as long as I am tall! And I knew exactly why. I wasn’t following my own advice, the very advice that I gave the ladies who took my e-course, The #GoalDigger Project.  I wasn’t staying focused.

In my course and on the this blog, I’ve discussed the importance of having a tunnel vision goal, a goal that will be your top priority. In the course I also recommended focusing on one major business or creative goal per quarter if working on all your goals at once gets to be too much.

Finally, a week or so ago, I decided that beginning today, February 1, I’m going to focus solely on my goal of growing See Jane Write membership and put other writing, blogging, and business goals on the back burner until next quarter. As soon as I made this decision I felt a weight lift off my shoulders. I felt physically lighter, so much so I wanted to skip around my house!

That is what the freedom of focus feels like.

I’ll still be working on personal goals such as losing weight and spending more quality time with my husband, but for my business and creative life it’s gonna be all Jane everythang!

What’s your #1 goal for February? 


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