Every woman should write like a lady and think like a boss.

Hold on. Hear me out.  

I often strain my eye-rolling muscles, too, when the phrase “like a lady” and I cross paths.

Act like a lady. Sit like a lady. Talk like a lady. These are all commands barked at me in the past. I’ve even been told to stop chewing gum because it’s not “ladylike.”

Yes, even I have been told I’m not ladylike and I’m one of those skirt-wearing, nail painting, twist her hair around her finger kind of girls.

But being a lady ain’t got shit to do with any of that.

Let’s reclaim this word once wielded to put us in our place. Let’s find our place on our own. Let’s take a seat at the table. And then let’s flip it over to show them just how ladylike we can be.

Write like a lady and consider lady just another synonym for yourself. Write from your heart. Write from your soul. Write so that from your words the world sees exactly who you are.

Do you know who you are? I bet, you’re a babe. I bet, you’re the babe with the power and this I know for the Bible tells me so.

Death and life are in the power of the tongue. 

Your words have the power to tear down kingdoms or build new worlds. The choice is yours, babe.

May I call you, babe?

You are a babe. You are one righteous babe. You are one writeous babe.

What’s a writeous babe?

A writeous babe is a woman who is the author of her own life, a woman who writes and lives a life worth writing about.

A writeous babe knows her life is a story. She writes well and edits often.

A writeous babe wants to make money and make a difference. She knows her words can bring her wealth and she is not here for that starving artist cliche.

A writeous babe is a goal digger! She has the imagination to unearth bold and beautiful dreams and the courage to make them come true.

A writeous babe has some stories and she wants to look good while she shares them. This is not vanity and has little to do with MAC makeup or couture. Her stunning beauty is simply the result of self-care. She knows she cannot pour from an empty cup.

A writeous babe believes in the sanctity of sisterhood. And so part of her life’s work is to help other women and girls find their voices and let them be heard. The African proverb, “She who learns teaches” is her life mantra, her battle cry.

So are you a writeous babe?

Of course, you are!

But maybe you don’t feel like one right now.

But you are writeous. You are a writer.

You are perhaps also a wife, a mother, a sister, or a career woman.

You are most likely also a daughter, a lover, and a friend.

Look back over your life. Actually, just look back over this past week. You probably can’t find many examples of instances when you failed or neglected to mother or love or be the best employee, boss or homemaker that you could. You may not have been perfect this week, but you gave it your all.

Chances are, however, there are plenty of days when you have failed or neglected to write. You didn’t go to that workshop you wanted to attend. You didn’t write that poem, story, or essay in your head. You didn’t jot down those ideas you had for a compelling new character or blog post.

You didn’t write because you just didn’t have the time, because you were busy being a good mother, lover, wife, sister, daughter, or friend. You were busy being the best employee, boss, entrepreneur or homemaker you could be. You couldn’t carve out time to write, you told yourself, because that would be selfish.

I have news: it’s time to be selfish.

Chances are, you’re hesitant to call yourself a writer these days because it’s been so long since you’ve spent hours at your favorite coffee shop writing in your journal or spent a day at your computer working on your novel or your blog. Perhaps you’ve NEVER done things like this.

But you are a writer. Otherwise, you wouldn’t have felt compelled to read this. And the thing that made you read this is the artist inside you, the writer inside you, and she’s determined to make her voice, your voice, heard.

So here is your simple assignment — write every day.

Whether that means getting up early or staying up late, write every day.

Whether that means taking your journal with you to the bathroom, writing during your lunch break or during your kid’s nap time, write every day.

Whether it’s for five minutes or two hours, write every day.

Begin with this. Start here.

And the longer you continue this practice of writing every day the more you will feel like a writer and soon you’ll realize that taking time to write isn’t selfish at all. Your writing has the potential to inspire other women to express themselves and live their best lives. Your dedication has the potential to inspire all those around you – your children, your colleagues, your family, and your friends – to pursue their passions.

For a creative woman carving out space and time to practice your craft, to create art, to write, is not selfish; it is essential. It is your water. It is your daily bread. And after you are well-fed, you can then go out and nourish the world.


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