Is it just me or has this week seemed never ending. I thought it was Thursday two days ago!

My husband says he thinks last week’s presidential election destroyed the space-time continuum. And I think he’s right.

It’s weeks like these when I need to fill my mind with as much inspiration and affirmation as I can.

Here are five of my favorite mantras that help get me hard days and weeks that never seem to end:


I need this quote by the late, great Maya Angelou on those days when I want to just sit on the sofa, eat potato chips, and watch Law & Order reruns.


When I’m ready to give up on my dreams because they’re taking too damn long to come true, it’s this quote that keeps me going.


Sometimes you know exactly what you need to do to get closer to your dream, but you don’t because you’re scared. This Emerson quote reminds me to feel the fear and do it anyway.


I need this reminder when I’m feeling old AF.


Though as simple as can be, there is nothing that gets me as fired up as these words: “I can and I will.”

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