Month: October 2016

The Best of October

Black Girl Harley Quinn

Happy Halloween, babes! Thank you for being a part of my squad.

Since it’s the last day of month, let’s take a look back at my best blog posts and most exciting announcements of October.


See Jane Write founder selected as one of 30 “Women Who Shape the State”


Name a woman who has shaped Alabama for the better. What difference has she made in the lives of those around her?

That’s the question Alabama Media Group posed to readers for its second annual search for the Women Who Shape the State. I am honored to announce that I was one of the more than 100 women nominated and one of the 30 women selected to be recognized this year!


How to #bloglikecrazy without Going Crazy

I’m not a player, I just blog a lot.

It’s almost time to blog like crazy!

Every November I challenge the ladies of See Jane Write to publish a new blog post every day for 30 days. This may sound impossible, but I promise you it’s not. And you don’t have to lose your sanity to pull this off.

Here are things you need to do so that you can #bloglikecrazy without going crazy: