more than you fear it

“I wanted it more than I was scared of it,” Mattie James of said recently when asked about finding the courage to pursue her dreams against all odds and about being bold enough to be her own boss. I jotted down those words, knowing I’d need them one day.

That day came sooner than I thought it would.

Currently, I’m closer than ever to realizing a big dream of mine. But instead of feeling excited, most days I’m terrified! I knew this was a problem I couldn’t tackle alone.

I turned to Jeralyn Powell of Jeralyn 3.0 for help.

jeralyn powell
Jeralyn Powell of Jeralyn 3.0

Jeralyn 3.0, or JP Marketing LLC, is a full-service marketing agency for businesses and organizations. But to say that I go to Jeralyn for marketing advice wouldn’t quite be sufficient. My sessions with her are like girl boss therapy. And during a recent consultation Jeralyn called me out on that fear I’ve been feeling and she called me out on all the excuses I’ve let hold me back.

But she didn’t stop there.

We pulled out pen and paper and drafted a step-by-step plan of what I need to do to accomplish my lofty goals and even set deadlines.

jeralyn speaking

I truly believe in Jeralyn’s coaching services which is why I’m so proud that she signed on to be a sponsor for Saturday’s See Jane Write 5th Anniversary Party.

diy marketing

The day after the party on Sunday, March 20 from 4 to 6 p.m. at Seeds Coffee, Jeralyn is hosting a workshop at which she’ll share her marketing tools, tips, and tricks. One lucky attendee at Saturday’s party will receive free entry to the workshop. And if you can’t make it to the live workshop, don’t fret. She’s doing an encore online workshop Sunday, March 26.

jeralyn and javacia
With Jeralyn at her business launch party

Equipped with the plan I sketched out with Jeralyn, I can now boldly answer that big question: Do I want it more than I fear it? YES!

What about you? Are you afraid to boldly go after your goals? Be sure to join the Janes in the free See Jane Write Facebook group for the support you need and deserve.

This post is sponsored by JP Marketing LLC, but all opinions are my own.