resolutions for women who write
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If you are a woman writer, this year resolve to write—by any means necessary. You are a writer and perhaps you are also a wife, a mother, a sister, or a career woman. You are a writer and most likely you are also a daughter, a lover, and a friend. Last year there were probably very few days when you failed to mother or to love or to be the best employee, boss, or homemaker that you could be. You may not have been perfect, but you always gave it your all.

But last year there were probably many days when you failed to write. You didn’t go to that workshop you wanted to attend. You didn’t write that poem, story, or essay in your head. You didn’t jot down those ideas you had for a compelling new character or a captivating new blog post. You didn’t write because you just didn’t have the time, because you were busy being a good mother, lover, wife, sister, daughter, or friend. You were busy being the best employee, boss, or homemaker that you could be. You couldn’t carve out time to write, you told yourself, because that would be selfish.

But you were wrong.

Maybe you’re hesitant to call yourself a writer because it’s been so long since you did spend hours at your favorite coffee shop writing in your journal or working on your blog. It’s been too long since you’ve spent a day at your computer drafting the next chapter of your novel. Perhaps you’ve never done these things.

But you are a writer. So this year, resolve to write…

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