Month: December 2015

The Magic of New Year’s Eve


The Year of the Writeous Babe

I believe in the magic of New Year’s Eve.

I believe New Year’s Eve should be spent with friends who are like family and with family members who are also friends.

I believe in making silent wishes during the final countdown.

I believe in kissing at midnight.

I believe in champagne toasts even though I don’t really like champagne.


A Look Back at 2015

Princess Jai 2

2015 owes me nothing.

I am truly overwhelmed by all the blessings God showered upon me this year.

This is not to say that 2015 was an easy year. It was not.

This spring I suffered several health issues that required so many doctor visits the receptionist at my doctor’s office joked about giving me a key to the place.

This summer the smile I wore at the Bloganista Mini-Con was a mask, hiding indescribable pain because the day before the conference someone I love dearly committed suicide.

And this fall I prepared to completely shut down See Jane Write because I had decided that the work was just too much.

But I changed my mind. And I changed my mind because of you. I changed my mind because I am committed to helping you become the author of your own life.

I’m not sharing these things because I want pity. I’m sharing because I want you to see that even when your world is falling apart you can still succeed in the end.

And I believe that joy is a choice. So as I look back at 2015, I choose not to dwell on adversity and trials. I choose to focus on accomplishments and triumphs.


16 Blogs to Read in 2016

16 blogs

One of the best ways to be a good blogger is to read good blogs. Here are some blogs I recommend following religiously in 2016 if you’re passionate about writing, blogging, entrepreneurship, and feminism.


How to Write Your Vision

write the vision 2

On Monday, December 14 See Jane Write hosted a workshop on how to write your vision for your personal and professional life. This free event was led by Lois Weinblatt of True North Business Development. Lois specializes in helping entrepreneurs and organizations craft visions to guide their futures. This workshop was the perfect way to end 2015 and get excited about 2016.

Do you have a vision?

You probably think you do, but there’s a great chance that you don’t.