write the vision

Get your favorite notebook and your favorite pen (you know you have one) and set aside 30 minutes for free writing. Begin your writing with this: “It is November 23, 2020 and I am so proud of the life I have created.”

It was with a writing prompt much like this one that I began the process of writing a vision for my life and my work.

Over the past few months I’ve worked with my business coach, Lois Weinblatt of True North Business Development, on writing a 5-year vision. Lois is a business coach, but one who recognizes that business problems are personal problems and so my vision covers every aspect of my life including personal growth, spiritual growth, and relational growth, as well as financial and professional growth.

Having a vision changes everything. Thanks to this vision I am a much more focused and confident blogger and businesswoman.

Do you have a vision? There’s a great chance you don’t. I didn’t realize until this summer that I didn’t have a vision for See Jane Write or my life. I had a mission. But a mission and a vision are not the same thing.

A mission is aspirational. It’s why you do what you do but it’s work that will never be done. My mission is to empower women and girls through the written word. That’s why I write, that’s why I encourage other women to write, and that’s why I started See Jane Write. But this is work that will never be over. I will never wake up one day and declare that all women and girls have been sufficiently empowered!

A vision, on the other hand, is “a definition of success at a specific point in the future,” Lois explained to me. Where do you want to go? When do you want to get there? What does it look like?

On Monday, December 14 Lois is offering a free workshop on visioning for See Jane Write. Space is limited. Members and folks on the See Jane Write email list will be sent details and will get the chance to register for this workshop first. If you’re not on the mailing list, click here to sign up now.

As part of the vision process (and the process of making that vision a reality), Lois also challenged me to share my vision with others.

Here are a few snippets and paraphrases of my vision (The whole thing is 7 pages long!):

For the first time in my life and I can boldly declare that I am at peace with God.

After nearly 10 years, See Jane Write is still going strong and has grown so much that I now have office space and a personal assistant.

I run a feminist blogging camp for teen girls.

I’ve written articles for Essence and Glamour magazines.

I’m working on my second book.

I have no credit card debt. I make six figures a year. I drive a BMW and own two Kate Spade bags.

I love looking as strong as I feel and even though I’m about to turn 40 I’ve had 20-year-olds ask how I stay so svelte.

In 2020 strengthening the authentic, healthy connection I share with my female friends is one of my highest priorities. 

Edd and I have been married for 14 years, but in 2020 we act like boyfriend and girlfriend. 

I finally know how to build people up without falling down.

What’s your vision?