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I exercised for at least 30 minutes every single day in 2014. That’s right; I worked out every day for 365 days.

This year has been a different story.

See Jane Write has grown exponentially this year. I’ve launched a coaching program, hosted more events, worked with more brands, and won prestigious awards. But with all this success came a much busier schedule — a schedule that left little to no time for exercise.

But this has to change. As author, blogger and See Jane Write member of the month Stephanie Naman said, “I never completely abandon my workouts when I’m busy. Stress builds up if you don’t sweat it out.”

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Representing B-Metro magazine and See Jane Write, I had the opportunity last week to check out a new gym in downtown Birmingham — The Executive Health Club by 24e. While testing out the equipment and learning about the group fitness classes the gym offers, I kept thinking about all the many reasons writers and bloggers should exercise.


You can’t write a best seller if you’re dead. I’m a firm believer in the saying that exercise is medicine. Exercise can help keep you healthy and strong. And whether you want to write great books that need to be read or build your blog into a business that can change people’s lives, being sick and tired will make those goals a lot harder to achieve. Trust me, I know. That’s why it’s so important to have a well-rounded fitness plan — you need cardiovascular training, strength/weight training, and flexibility training. The Executive Health Club by 24e, for example. offers RPM indoor cycling, 24xFIT (a workout that’s similar to CrossFit), yoga, and much more.

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Most of the work of writing takes place away from the keyboard. I get some of my best blog post and personal essay ideas not when I’m sitting in front of my computer staring a blinking cursor, but when I’m exercising. So whether you’re running on your favorite trail or working out on the state-of-the-art cardio equipment at The Executive Health Club by 24e, exercise is a great way to clear your head and make room for your muse.

alicia neely
Alicia Neely, group fitness director for The Executive Health Club by 24e

You need to be reminded that you can’t go after your goals alone. When trying to stick to a new fitness regimen, it always helps to have a workout buddy or to at least enroll in some group fitness classes. “In a group fitness class there is more accountability because you get to know the other people in the class,” said Alicia Neely, group fitness director at The Executive Health Club by 24e.  “You’re more likely to stay engaged and motivated. You create a team.” Neely said she’s starting to see friendships forming in her classes already, even though the gym has been open less than a month. And just as you’re more likely to go to the gym if you know a buddy will be there looking for you, you’re more likely to update your blog regularly or write a few pages a day for your book, if you have a blogging or writing buddy checking on your progress. Remember, behind every successful woman is a tribe of women who have her back.

Karri Bentley, RPM indoor cycling instructor at The Executive Health Club by 24e

Every good writer needs a good challenge. Whenever I achieve a fitness goal such as completing a half marathon or exercising every day for a year I suddenly feel as if I can do anything! This feeling, of course, motivates me to go after my writing, blogging and business goals with fearlessness and fervor. I believe that if you challenge yourself to try a new fitness class you’ll later challenge yourself to try something new in your craft, too. My friend Karri Bentley is an RPM indoor cycling instructor at The Executive Health Club by 24e, but there was a time when she was terrified of indoor cycling. “When I saw people leaving indoor cycling classes they always looked like they had just left hell,” Karri said. “My best friend convinced me to try a class and I cried on the way there. But after the class I felt better than I ever had after a workout and now I’ve been teaching indoor cycling for two years.” So challenge yourself with something like RPM or Les Mills’ Grit, the 30-minute high intensity interval training class offered at the Executive Health Club by 24e that’s perfect for busy bloggers. Then after that challenge yourself to write or blog every day or to send that book proposal, query letter, or campaign pitch.

screamThe Executive Health Club by 24e is a two-level, full service health club conveniently located in the financial district of downtown Birmingham. Members have 24-hour access. The gym features a full free weight area featuring Cybex and Hammer Strength equipment; Les Mills International group fitness classes; yoga, Pilates, and Barre classes; and 24xFIT cross training. Learn more at

This post was sponsored by B-Metro magazine and The Executive Health Club by 24e but all opinions are my own.