Best group photo ever!
Best group photo ever!

After being away for nearly a decade — living in Tuscaloosa, Alabama; Seattle, Washington; Berkeley California; and Louisville, Kentucky — I moved back to my hometown of Birmingham, Alabama in 2009. For the first year and a half after my return, I was miserable.

I couldn’t find community. I couldn’t find a group of like-minded women who shared my passion for writing and my love for blogging.

I couldn’t find purpose. I called myself a feminist, but I didn’t feel as if I were doing anything to live out my beliefs.

And I couldn’t find fun! I was singing the same tune of my teenage years, declaring that “There’s nothing to do in Birmingham!”

Then on March 24, 2011 I started See Jane Write and that changed EVERYTHING.

In See Jane Write I found community. I found a group of women who loved writing and blogging just as much as I did and who had dreams as big and bold as mine, too. These women began as writing partners and blogging buddies but quickly became my friends. Now, many of them I consider my family.

In See Jane Write I found purpose. Through See Jane Write I strive to empower women to share their stories, whether through books, blogs, personal essays or even speaking engagements. I hope that I also encourage them to be the author of their own lives. And that is what my feminism looks like.

In See Jane Write I found fun! The women of See Jane Write helped me fall in love with my hometown. They showed me that there is ALWAYS plenty to do in Birmingham — so much so that most weekends I have too many events to choose from!

I woke up this morning, the day before Thanksgiving, with my heart overflowing with gratitude for See Jane Write and how it has changed my life. And I decided I wanted to do something special for the women who’ve supported this little project of mine — which began as a small writing group and has become an award-winning business.

Now through Monday, November 30 I am offering one-hour consultations for only $50! That is less than half of my normal rate of $125. During these consultations you can pick my brain on blogging, writing, or building a business or I can even help you set up your blog, if you’re ready to launch. If you’re interested in taking advantage of this deal (a deal I will NEVER offer again), click here to submit your payment. After making your payment, email me at so we can schedule your session. (We will meet in December, but you must submit your payment by November 30.)