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You need to start a Facebook group and here’s why…

One of my favorite success stories is that of online entrepreneur Kimra Luna.

In 2012 Luna and her husband Seth were so broke that she, Seth, and their two sons had to move in with Seth’s parents. Fast forward to today: Last week Luna was featured on Business Insider because of her wildly successful business, a business that in its first full year earned more than $950,000 in revenue.

One of the secrets to her success: her Facebook group!

Kimra Luna specializes in helping online entrepreneurs and runs a Facebook group she calls  Freedom Hacker’s Mastermind. Her group, which is for the online entrepreneur who “lives their life in accordance to their own free spirit,” currently has over 13,000 members — including yours truly. Because Kimra spends so much time offering free guidance and support to her “Freedom Hackers” through her Facebook group when she does offer a paid program – such as her Be True Brand You Program, of which I am also a member — her Facebook group members are eager to buy. In fact, she made more than $750,000 from a launch earlier this year.

Most likely, those numbers sold you on the idea of starting a Facebook group!

But perhaps you’re not blogging or writing to build a business.

A Facebook group is a great way for you to connect with readers, followers, and fans on a daily basis without constantly emailing them. A Facebook group will make you seem more approachable. A group is a good way to get feedback on ideas. And if you do run a business, a Facebook group is a good way to make sure your customers feel supported.

My Facebook group is one of the primary ways I’ve built a sense of community within See Jane Write.

Best group photo ever!
Best group photo ever!

Facebook groups can also help you build a platform for your passion.

A few months ago I recommended starting a Facebook group to one of my one-on-one coaching clients, Kim Richardson. She started the Traveling Is the New Black Facebook group to share travel tips and deals with family and friends in order to encourage them and other people, especially people of color, to travel more. In less than three months she’s grown her group to more than 1,600 members.

“I believe it has caught on so quickly because it provides the info that people want and need to know about travel,” said Richardson, who also blogs. “When you focus on what interests others and answer their questions, it’s not a hard sell. People engage in things of interest to them and what they find value in.”

Mandy Shunnarah started her Facebook group Off the Beaten Shelf Book Nerds for one simple reason: she loves books and was eager to find more folks who love to read as much as she does.

“I knew I didn’t want the group to be a self-promotion fest where I just talked about my blog,” said Shunnarah, who blogs at  “I wanted a way to highlight other book news coverage that interests me and would likely interest fellow book lovers.”

Here are two important lessons Shunnarah says she’s learned since starting her group: 

1) “You’re always going to have superfans (those who like to post and comment regularly) and lurkers (people who enjoy being in the group but don’t want to interact as much). Not everyone is going to be a superfan and that’s OK because that doesn’t mean people aren’t engaged or your group isn’t thriving. Some people are just less comfortable interacting or just don’t spend as much time on social media.”

2) “When you’re running a Facebook group, you’re the resident ‘expert’ on the topic. So it’s your job to generate conversation and give people things to talk about. Plus, I’ve found that the more material I post to generate conversations, the more often people run into awesome book news and think, ‘I should post that in the Facebook group!’ which just continues the feedback loop of great conversations.”

Shunnarah went on to say, “I feel like starting the Facebook group is the most engagement-generating thing I’ve done, so I definitely recommend it. Plus it’s so much fun!”

For instructions on how to create a Facebook group click here.

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