Ask Jane

November is just around the corner and soon it will be time for #BlogLikeCrazy!

For those of you who are new to See Jane Write, for #BlogLikeCrazy I challenge the women of See Jane Write to publish a new blog post every day in the month of November.

Typically, I post on my personal blog,, for #BlogLikeCrazy, but this year I’m doing something a bit different.

This year I’m going to post her to  the See Jane Write blog and each post will be an answer to your questions. I’m calling this special series of posts “Ask Jane.”

So help me collect 30 questions to which I will respond in November during #BlogLikeCrazy. I’ll answer questions about blogging, freelance writing, social media, or the future of See Jane Write. I’ll even answer questions about myself and the writing life.  Leave your questions in the comments of this post or email them to

I can’t wait to read your questions!