Extreme Makeover
Extreme Makeover Blog Edition (Image by Patrishe via Flickr/Creative Commons)

Did you notice?

Jane got a makeover!

That’s right, SeeJaneWriteBham.com has a new look! I hope you like it. Take a look around and let me know what you think.

Have you been wondering if it’s time for you to give your website or blog a makeover? Here’s how I knew it was time to revamp this website:

Are you bored? If you feel unmotivated and stuck in a blogging rut, revamping your site could give you the push you need to get back in the groove of posting regularly. Now that Jane has a new look, I’ll be updated the See Jane Write blog twice a week — every Tuesday and Thursday.

Does your website reflect your brand? People often refer to See Jane Write as a blog, but it is meant to be so much more. See Jane Write is a network and it’s a business. Our website needs to reflect that. Thus I moved SeeJaneWriteBham.com from Blogger to WordPress so it would have a more professional look. Also, SeeJaneWriteBham.com now has a static homepage and the blog is just a component of the site. And since a business’ list of contacts is one of its most important assets, the e-mail list signup form is one of the site’s most prominent features. I’m currently working on revamping SeeJaneWriteMagazine.com as well so that it will look more like a magazine than a blog and I’m hoping the new look will give me new inspiration.

Has the mission of your blog or business changed? This year I decided that See Jane Write will not only seek to serve women writers, but female entrepreneurs, too. A new look is a great way to signify this new focus.

Redesigning a website can be very expensive, but it doesn’t have to be. While I did spend a pretty penny on on getting help with the move from Blogger to WordPress, I only spent $79 on the design. I simply purchased a theme from Blu Chic , which specializes in WordPress themes for female entrepreneurs, and then I customized it.

Next, I plan to embark on a social media makeover. And then, I’m giving myself a makeover, too! Stay tuned!